Stern's Planning of a Roadtrip/Foodie Tour

mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
2003/06/16 07:48:30
I originally posted this on the "Jane and Micheal are coming to Town" thread, but it got buried there and I really would like to get some reaction from the All of you to this question. here's the quote---
Posted - 06/15/2003
Let me turn the tables on our hosts with this thread theme in mind. Micheal or Jane... Fill us in a bit about how you select an agenda for you adventures? Do you have a final destination, then fill in the days as you head towards that goal...Or Do you plan each meal stop based on previous experiences and/or recommendations? Or is the whole thing a roll of the dice, a tank of gas, and a change of clothes and off you go??
I am interested in the planning phase of a roadtrip that is,indeed, based on roadfood...Rather than a trip to see Mother or DisneyWorld, with interesting stops along the way.
I have done roadtrips with railroad activity as the criteria for route selection...In fact we still do that a lot. (another hobby is train-chasing and rail photography), but haven't set up a real foodie-trip.
So let us in on the How's and Why's of the planning stages, Please. For ALL of you...If you do recreational trips based on foodie-priorities, how do you make your decisions about those trips?
I know that Sundancer does a lot of business trips, and uses variety in his food to provide a certain amount of entertainment on those trips.
I would like to hear about the logistics of a trip..Planning, budget, accessories in the vehicle for preserving the memories/samples...The list grows as I type...