Traveling By Car to FL - Need Restaurants!

Junior Burger
2003/06/16 19:23:09
My husband has planned out our trip to Fl - we are stopping in a lot of different cities and towns on the way down. I have had some trouble finding restaurants in the following locations:

St. Augustine, FL
Columbia, SC
Roanoke, VA
Frederick, MD
Palm Coast, FL

I am looking for specific kinds of food though. I have a picky eater for a son but my husband and I are eager to eat local food. My son will eat scallops, chicken, pork chops or pork bbq (with sauce on the side), cheeseburgers, pasta and mac n cheese. I told him that not every place will serve what he likes and he will have to try and find something on the menus that sounds good to him. I also informed him that we won't be able to stop in a TGIF or Applebee's everywhere.

We will be stopping for dinner in St. Augustine, FL, Palm Coast, FL, Columbia, SC, Roanoke, VA and Frederick, MD.

Any suggestions would be great. We don't want to end up eating bbq and meat all the way down, altho' a good bbq joint in SC would be appreciated. It has to be nearby to Route 95 or 5 miles off the road. I know of one in GA already and a few in NC.

Any help would be appreciated. I am going bonkers trying to find good places to eat. Having a picky child is a pain in my butt.

Filet Mignon
RE: Traveling By Car to FL - Need Restaurants! 2003/06/16 21:24:56
RisaG, I won't comment on picky children, but it looks like your child will eat 6 things; that's about 3 more than mine would eat when they were little.

Anyway, my only recommendation in St. Augustine is Columbia, in the historical district. I've recommended this one on a couple of other threads. I abolutely loved it the two times I ate there. You can see their menu here:

RE: Traveling By Car to FL - Need Restaurants! 2003/06/17 08:11:15
You indicated you would be stopping in Columbia SC, however Columbia is not off of I-95. If you plan on detouring to Columbia, then I would recommend Maurice's BBQ, however If you are staying on I-95 I would recommend Duke's BBQ in Walterboro SC. It's only a couple of miles off the Walterboro exit, and they are even better. Both restaurants offer SC mustard style BBQ

PS....Almost forgot. Duke's is buffet style and if I can recall I believe Mac N Cheese is on their buffet menu. You may want to go into Yahoo yellow pages for their phone number and call ahead to confirm their hours.
mayor al
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RE: Traveling By Car to FL - Need Restaurants! 2003/06/17 08:39:26
I was going to suggest leaving the youngster with his grandparents while you folks enjoy the trip...but I won't. Actually his "eats" are a fairly broad choice for many young kids. You don't say how old he is...but you are headed the right way in training him to recognize likes and dislikes in a broader sense. Challenge his understanding of what is what in the food choice realm, by finding something he can enjoy in even the most specialized of menus. Be willing to share a 'sampler plate' of your favorites and have him gain some appreciation for your selection process (if that doesn't work, leave him in the car with a window down an inch, and enjoy your meal)
RE: Traveling By Car to FL - Need Restaurants! 2003/06/17 11:57:31
In Frederick, MD, Brewer's Alley in the historic district (Market Street?) is a brewpub with good eats.

In downtown Roanoke, the Roanoke Wiener Stand has been serving 'em up since the early 1900s. Elsewhere in town, the Roanoker features traditional southern dining and is a mainstay in the Stern's books. If your approach to Roanoke is via the Blue Ridge Parkway, try the dining room in the Peaks of Otter Lodge for trout, country ham, blackberry pie, etc.