WHEN in Miami?

ice cream monster
Junior Burger
2006/03/20 17:47:27
Hi BB Supervisor, I just returned from a trip near Clearwater and was able to indulge in many flavors as well as to bring some home, but it doesn't seem to taste quite the same after 6 hours in a cooler. Do you have an idea about when your yummy Blue Bell will be available in the Florida Keys?
RE: WHEN in Miami? 2006/03/25 23:27:35
I would re-post this under the Blue Bell thread.....as linked above.
Junior Burger
RE: WHEN in Miami? 2008/06/25 21:37:38
Blue Bell just leased a warehouse in Miramar. Here is the link for the article: http://www.costar.com/News/Article.aspx?id=46514AA69A10A71FC45A8C61E1E1CE66