I-90, Seattle to Milwaukee

2003/06/17 16:57:51
Hi All -

We're moving from Seattle to Milwaukee in July, taking I-90 through Idaho (Coeur d'Alene), Montana (Bozeman, Butte), Wyoming (Buffalo), South Dakota (Rapid City, Sioux Falls), southern Minnesota, Wisconsin (Lacrosse, Madison).

Any suggestions for good eats? We have a 4 year old daughter, so child-friendly establishments will be appreciated.

RE: I-90, Seattle to Milwaukee 2003/06/17 17:30:43
I left a list of recommendations for eating in and around Rapid City in a recent thread on the Mount Rushmore area. It's somewhere within the "Where Should I Eat" forum. Enjoy your trip.
RE: I-90, Seattle to Milwaukee 2003/06/18 08:37:46
Hi Yumbo,

I've taken this route before when I moved from NY to Seattle back in 92. When I moved back east I took it again on my many road trips. In Butte, I would recommend Pork Chop Johns which has been reviewed on this forum. In Sioux Falls, the Tea Steak House is a MUST. I recommend the 32 oz t-bone with hash browns. The Steak house is actually located in Tea SD about a 10 minute drive from Sioux Falls and is also reviewed on this forum. In Madison I recommend the Brat und Brau for Brats and Cheese curds. They are actually a concession at one of the local malls.

By the way if you decide to stop in Billings MT I would recommend the Northern Belle Restaurant in the Radisson Downtown. Their trout was really good and the Rocky Mountain Oysters a killer!
Filet Mignon
RE: I-90, Seattle to Milwaukee 2003/06/18 09:44:01
I'm a fan of the Freight House in LaCrosse Wis. but there is a small mom and pop about 4 miles north of the interstate on Wisc.35, don't know the name, its on the west side of the road. Great breakfasts, good prices and has buffalo on the menu.