Guy's Tasty Mix

2006/03/23 02:24:16
I just found Guy's Tasty Mix on the shelf for the first time in over five years. I thought that they were gone for good after two bankruptcys a few years ago. The new owner came out with the Potato Chips about three years ago and was still using the old graphic design that indicated that they were making them. However when I talked to them, I kept hearing that they were working on them. Well, they are finally out!

So, if you enjoy a garlicy, oniony, and salty party mix you need to make a trip to KS,MO,NE, or IA to enjoy the best party mix ever made!

RE: Guy's Tasty Mix 2006/03/24 09:44:09
Maybe they will do a web site so we can order it here in Texas? Sounds great!
Red Green
Junior Burger
RE: Guy's Tasty Mix 2006/04/14 20:41:53
Guy's is back in business??? I remember them WELL!!!
Junior Burger
RE: Guy's Tasty Mix 2008/11/14 13:37:11
For any other Guy's Tasty Mix fans...

Here's my own contribution to the legacy of this delicious snack.. an actual 1983 Guy's Tasty Mix bag from my packaging collection:

And of course the website for the new Guy's Foods site. You CAN order directly from them, though I don't think the website ordering works, you can download an order form and fax it or mail it in with payment, which is what I did:

Here's hoping they never go out-of-business again!
RE: Guy's Tasty Mix 2008/11/14 19:54:38
Do you have any Kitty Clover scans?
Junior Burger
RE: Guy's Tasty Mix 2008/11/15 11:18:15
Originally posted by bill voss

Do you have any Kitty Clover scans?


Kitty Clover! I remember those! Sadly, none of those are in my packaging collection. It was quite the miracle that I came up with the Guy's Tasty Mix bag as it is -- even the current owners of Guy's don't have any old packaging records, so my sample could be one-of-a-kind (though I'd like to think someone who worked for/at Guy's saved samples, and they're waiting to be discovered).

I do have a small collection of 1970's food packaging on my Flickr pages, though most of it is General Foods stuff. Vintage chip bags are just REALLY hard to find. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.