New Thai - W. Columbia SC

2006/03/25 19:10:04
Disclaimers: I am by no means educated in Thai cuisine. And I have no associations with the Thai Dish at all.

Found new Thai restaurant this week. Highway 378 West Columbia in Sunset Court strip mall. Simple elegance. Clean.

Waiter helped me choose Pad Tao Lan Tao - snow peas, ****ake mushrooms, carrot in brown sauce. I added chicken. Brown rice.

Very tasty, delicate. Extremely fresh and tender. The ginger ice cream dessert was a nice finish.

2249 Sunset Blvd., West Columbia. Open lunch and dinner.
RE: New Thai - W. Columbia SC 2006/03/25 19:50:14
Next time you go Ask for the chicken/coconut/lemongrass soup and you will be in heaven. (all thai places have it)
RE: New Thai - W. Columbia SC 2006/03/26 00:02:15
Thank you, Kayleigh. I will try that on my next visit.
Junior Burger
RE: New Thai - W. Columbia SC 2006/10/11 19:56:33
The Kang Pak is amazing... So is the Larb, EVERY appetizer, basil fried rice,