strawberry recipes

the ancient mariner
Filet Mignon
2006/03/29 07:13:05
Since I bought 10 boxes of strawberries at 99 cents per box, I am anxious to try other recipes than shortcake. I know that they make a great pie when mixed with rhubarb (haven't seen any rhubarb yet though)----------but, does anyone have any other favorite ????????
Some berry good berry recipe that is easy to make and dee-lish-ous??
RE: strawberry recipes 2006/03/29 11:48:25
Here is one that is a favorite with my family when good strawberries are available. They call it a fruit pizza, but folks here might want to call it a fruit round thing.

Take 1 can frozen sugar cookie dough and let it thaw for a few hours. Now spreay it out on a 10" pizza or round cookie pan. Make sure the dough has a lip around the edge. Bake it at 350 for a few minutss, just untill it turns brown, and let it cool. Now peel and chop 2 green apples, kinda sour ones if you can get em. Spread them out on the dough. Next, slice 3 banannas and spread them out. Now squeeze some lemon juice ovet it. Then slice some strawberrys in half longways, enough to cover the whole thing. Top with cool whip or whiped cream. Put in it the fridge for a few hours and it's ready to slice and eat.

This is just the basic recipe and you could adjust or add other stuff as you see fit. I guess you could even make it with just strawberries.
RE: strawberry recipes 2006/03/30 15:13:02
This web site has lots of good ideas for strawberry's. Hmm, is it ie's or y's. Anyway, they also have an article obout the "origional" strawberry shortcake.

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: strawberry recipes 2006/03/30 15:25:37
I don't have the recipe with me at work, but "google" the recipe for strawberry freezer jam! It's so easy and good!
RE: strawberry recipes 2006/03/30 20:52:22
My grandma makes this dessert that my uncles just about kill themselves to get too. She would take an angel food cake and cut it up into cubes and put in a 13 X 9 pan. She would then make strawberry jello and mix in crushed up strawberries. Let it set a little bit and then would add some cool whip to the strawberry mixture and mix it in to the angel food cake and let it chill. It may sound weird but everyone loves it.
RE: strawberry recipes 2006/04/11 16:10:45

Angel Lush
I know it looks similar to a shortcake, but It looked so good, I wanted to share. Maybe even put some strawberries in each layer. I dont know if it would make it too soggy or not.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: strawberry recipes 2006/04/18 18:53:16
Not very original but you could buy some chocolate almond bark (usually found in the baking section of grocery stores) and dip a few in the melted chocolate.