Payday-not the candy bar

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2006/03/30 09:19:09
Hello All,
I get paid every two weeks, and I find that we spend more
on pay-day weekends at restaurants, and then slack off really
slack off.
I know everyone gets paid at different times, but a
stupid idea might be to have a "Payday Special," or a
reverse "One Week to Payday" specials. It wouldn't have
be just on Fridays or Saturdays, but could be something
on a Tuesday or Wednesday, a "3 Days to Payday Special."
It's a silly idea, but...
Take Care,
mayor al
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Payday-not the candy bar 2006/03/30 09:37:42

I have never been very good at budgeting. Luckily my spouse is! In my second bachelor days (1986-93) I had some rough times making the time between checks and the money available balance out ! (large child-support payments came out of that first)
California Teachers are paid on the first of the Month only...which makes the time between checks seem to be forever when you are stretching the bucks over 30 days !! It was quite normal for me at the time to think going out to eat during the last week or so of the month would be defined as a bunch of Jack-In-The-Box 2/99 cent Tacos!! We also had a local Bar/Mexican Restaurant that sold dollar-beers in the afternoon. They put out trays of left-overs from the Lunch Buffet for finger-food at the Bar from 4-6pm. Many evenings a few of us in the 'budget group' would buy a couple of beers and chow down on those leftovers for a "free" dinner.
Then along came Janet...and suddenly my money seemed to expand! It really was an amazing difference in this day I don't understand why my bachelor days were so 'lean'???
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Payday-not the candy bar 2006/03/30 09:49:34
Hello All,
Al, the same thing happened to me. First wife, I was rich. Divorce= big bar tabs, little in the
bank. Remarried and though not rich, money is not as big a problem. Still, I miss the single days
sometimes, usually when I am stupid.
Take Care,
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Payday-not the candy bar 2006/03/30 10:05:05
This sort of reminds me of my college days. I was not wise in the budgeting ways and often at the first of the month, I was temporarily rich. Unfortunately I usually celebrated which resulted in me being very low in funds in a few days.

The first college I attended was sort of small. We would occasionaly break in the cafeteria late at night and raid the walk in frige of whatever would be available. Fortunate for us that we never got caught, but we sometimes had a hard time explaing why we had such huge cans of product in our dorm room.

I finished up my undergraduate degree and my post graduate work with a full time job. That was difficult but I was never short of funds after that.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Payday-not the candy bar 2006/03/30 11:54:23
My youngest daughter has gotten around this problem with 2 jobs that pay bi-monthly but on different weeks. One week she's "rich" the next "not as rich" because the hours are very different. Of course the larger check is from the clothing store she clerks at so she's only "rich" for an hour or so and I soon may have to add a tractor trailer for her closet......
RE: Payday-not the candy bar 2006/04/09 23:41:47
You know, that is not a bad idea.
I mean, many bars and clubs have a set night for "SIN"-Service Industry Workers, where drinks and sometimes food is reduced for the workers in the industry.
They have Ladies Night, Mens Night..
Even though it is mostly bars that do it, it possibly could work in a restaurant for the working class stiff.

You could even call it "hump day" special in addition to your rendering, Fieldthistle..
Maybe a percentage off or a non-alcholic beverage with the meal-possibilities can be endless.
I know there are many restaurants that have coupons, but most of them are usually for buy 1, get 50% off another meal.
I am single, I dont have another person with me.
Does not do me any good.
You never know.
I mean we get a little stretched between paydays some times.