Kansas City Steak

Junior Burger
2006/04/02 14:00:43
Just wondering if anyone has ordered anything from Kansas City Steak. I've ordered a couple of times from Omaha Steak and while I think the steak was good it is pricey. Kansas City prices are a bit better and the shipping was cheaper and faster. Haven't gotten the KC order yet so can't compare. I've ordered filet from Omaha and Sirloins from both. Just kind of tired of the supermarket meat around here. Even when you go Black Angus it's better but still just so-so. I don't think the chain markets have good aged beef.
RE: Kansas City Steak 2007/07/04 20:37:47
If you like Kansas City Steak, go to QVC and order from there. They will more often than not have prices cheaper than KC Steak has online.
RE: Kansas City Steak 2007/07/04 22:41:16
We've been on an auto-ship(QVC) program for their burgers which we think are very good.
RE: Kansas City Steak 2007/07/05 20:49:21
I get their chili cheese burgers.. YUM!