Trip Report- Palm Springs, CA area

Double Chili Cheeseburger
2006/04/03 14:31:40
Stayed in La Quinta at my folks new house and hit a few different places. Just off of Highway 111 as you enter Indio, is Shield's Date Farm, reviewed on Roadfood. Date shakes there are great, not overly sweet.

Further East on 111, On Towne Avenue, is a place called Teresa's Cafe. Great basic Mexican food, with a killer Chile Colorado and quite good tamales. Priced very reasonably, this is one of the better Mexican restaurants that we have tried. Just a cash register and uncovered tables and chairs (no bar, no alcohol), in a tough neighborhood, it's about as "roadfood" as you can get.

Another place that I really like is The Fisherman, which has 4 different locations and is some of the best seafood that I have ever had. It is a very casual place, but the seafood is phenomenal. On various days, we had melt-in-your mouth fried calamari (the best I've had) a cold gazpacho like soup called Campechagna, loaded with avocado, scallops, octopus, squid, and shrimp (excellent), raw cherrystone clams, and clam chowder (pretty so-so). The menu is huge, ranging from fresh fish entrees to lobster and langostino tacos. Great place.

Stopped at Tyler's in downtown Palm Springs (Indian Canyon Road) for great burgers and fries. Opens at 11:00 a.m., and by 11:45, the place is packed. Try the homemade cole slaw there- it's top notch.

Went to San Diego for a day and stopped at George's at The Cove for lunch in La Jolla. Had an outstanding soup, with black beans, broccoli, and chicken. Good place, not roadfood, and not cheap.

We stopped at In-and-Out with the kids twice. The kids like their burgers with ketchup only, and I tried them. The burgers were crusty and not juicy on both occasions (at two different places). I don't remember them tasting this bad. The fries still suck there, like usual. How can fresh-cut fries be so soft and tasteless?

While the Palm Springs area is fraught with high-end steakhouses and restaurants, there is quite a bit of good Roadfood in the area. We missed the Wheel Inn and a place called Hamburger Mary's and Cactus Jack's (both known for their burgers) this time, but I will hopefully catch those next time I'm on a golf trip out there.
mayor al
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RE: Trip Report- Palm Springs, CA area 2006/04/03 15:33:50

Thanks Saps, Good Report. With the high rate of growth in that area we need as many up to date reports as we can get to stay on top of the changes.
TJ Jackson
RE: Trip Report- Palm Springs, CA area 2006/04/03 16:28:39
Hamburger Mary's is a chain, and one that I think is going out of business

It is noteworthy that it is part of the culture of this eatery that it is very gay\lesbian friendly. I'm fine with that, but it is a consideration under some circumstances.

The one in Cincinnati is closing and will reopen under a new name

The phoenix az website indicates they are already closed up

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RE: Trip Report- Palm Springs, CA area 2006/04/03 17:04:07
Originally posted by saps

The fries still suck there, like usual. How can fresh-cut fries be so soft and tasteless?

I don't think that this phenomenon is unique to only In-N-Out. Someone told me that it has to do with the cooking process, but I am not sophisticated enough of a cook to know exactly what process that is. I think that fresh-cut fries are excellent when they are hot and right out of the fryer, but get very bad, very quickly if they are not consumed immediately. Whenever I order from a place that uses fresh-cut fries, I try to make sure that I am eating on site and not doing take-away.

Good report, saps! I don't get out to CA too often, but when I do, I like to have some ideas where to eat.

RE: Trip Report- Palm Springs, CA area 2006/04/03 17:32:06
My wife and I ate at the one in Las Vegas. We were given a coupon by a friend for $25. We were treated like crap and made uncofortable. We ended up leaving without eating or paying for the food.