Birthday cake...

Filet Mignon
2006/04/05 11:23:09
Today is my birthday (Happy Birthday To Me!) and I am wondering if anyone has a special or traditional birthday cake they enjoy.

Me, I am working on losing weight so I'm skipping the cake (tho I did have a delicious creme brulee for dinner celeration last night, ahem). So, let me know what you like so I can eat and celebrate vicariously!
Junior Burger
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/05 13:17:09
For me, any cake will do, but my wife is more discriminating. She prefers a white cake with white buttercream frosting topped with chocolate peanut butter ice cream.

By the way, do not worry about the Creme Brulee. Just think of it as resetting your metabolism.

Happy Birthday.
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/05 13:35:06
I'm just elated when I GET a birthday favorite is Italian cream cake with buttercream.
I had a birthday party with for my fathers 60th and invited like 35 people and instead of getting one big birthday cake I had the baker make 4 seperate cakes (10 inch) that had the same theme.
Four seperate flavors:
Italian creme
Classic Yellow
and Chocolate

Reason being I hate carrot cake but my husband loves alot of people coming..give them variety
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/05 17:28:24
I always loved the white cake-gooey white icing-multicolored flowers-your name shakily written in blue or pink that Safeway made. We don't have Safeway any more, and I really miss the birthday cakes. Hope yours is happy. (Isn't carrot cake considered a vegetable to be eaten in a well balanced weight loss program?)
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/05 20:53:46
Happy Birthday to yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Filet Mignon
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/06 00:32:28
Thanx for the greetings. I just remembered my own favorite birthday cake recipe, circa 1955:

Just take paper cup and fill with CocaCola. Then take a slice of birthday cake and add it to the cup. Top off with a few M&M's, pretzels, potato chips, etc. Stir. Watch as it overflows all over the (paper) table cloth.

Well, it was a hit at my 5th grade party....
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/06 07:29:46
Hello All,
Belated Happy B-day.
I like chocolate cake, but the best cake to celebrate the anniversary of my birth is
Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake.
Take Care,
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/07 17:19:21
Crushed Oreo base, Chocolate Chip ice cream then more crushed Oreo's on top yummm
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/07 17:43:53
HAPPY BIRTHYDAY (LATE) NYNM -April 5th is also my birthday.

My favorite cake is Black Forest.

Many happy returns to all of us!!
Filet Mignon
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/07 20:37:27
Hey Scarlett: HB 2U 2!!!!

When I went to dinner for my birthday, there were 3 other "birthday" groups that night even tho there are less trhan 100 seats in the restaurants. I guess a lot of parents are "busy" in July!
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/08 03:41:23
My mother always made one of my favorites which I preferred at the time-
Chocolate cake with chocolate icing
Multi-layered chocolate cake with whip creme in between
and,,Boston cream pies
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/04/08 22:37:22
My mom always used to let us pick what kind of cake we wanted for our birthday and my choice was always cherry chip with vanilla frosting. Now that I'm older we don't get asked that question as much, but there is always a dessert for us. Lately the way she has been making her cherry pies with the crumbly topping I would almost rather have that, but last year my sister had a cake made for me from this lady we have make our kid's cakes and they are delicious. The frosting is sweet, but not too sweet that you can't enjoy it. It's better than any bakery cake I have ever had. You always hear of birthday cake, what's wrong with a birthday pie? I can think of numerous pies that I would love for my birthday. Cake you can do anytime, but pie is something that takes a little more time and I feel is more appreciated.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/06/29 01:28:25
My favorite, and my husband's, is homemade German Chocolate cake from the recipe inside the baker's chocolate box. It is rich and gooey and time consuming to make and not something to have more than twice a year!

Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/06/29 12:25:49
Happy Birthday!!

My favorite birthday cake was a cake made for me, 2 layer round small vanilla/buttery flavored snow white cake, whipped cream for the frosting and in the middle was fresh sliced bananas and fresh strawberries layered with a sugary watery coating and whipped cream. It was a luscious, soft cake, I'll never forget.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Birthday cake... 2006/06/29 12:58:30
Growing up it was chocolate on chocolate from Rex's Bakery, the more blue flowers the better. Whay I never picked pink I don't know after all they all taste the same. Don't eat the stuff now but my boyfriend's favorite is Red Velvet. I can still hear his reaction from last November.....