tent hardware supply?

Junior Burger
2006/04/10 09:06:15
I'm designing a couple awning or canopy build-outs for my truck - stuff I would use sometimes depending on the gig, the space available, etc. I've been looking around the internet for suppliers of poles, angle sockets, etc, not for custom manufacturers of the end product.

Has anyone done this, and know of any good resources?
RE: tent hardware supply? 2006/04/10 09:51:57
Have you tried an RV dealer, or campingworld.com? They have premade awnings that just bolt on in all sizes.

RE: tent hardware supply? 2006/04/10 10:02:56
We have a place in town called Alied Truck Equipment. They typically do custom Semi work (truck beds, custom paint, etc) along with selling snow plow equipment. My former boss also found an assorment of awning hardware at this place. So maybe check with a full service trucking service company in your area. Have your tried to google for 'awning hardware' yet??

Junior Burger
RE: tent hardware supply? 2006/04/11 07:22:58
fd: Right! A lot of my power system and certainly my tanks, etc, are RV stuff as it is - but I tend to forget that RV dealers should be a continuing resource for me. Unc: Trucking supply is a good suggestion too. I did Google hardware and found a place with a catalog of fittings, but I thought I should check in with the Roadies too. You never know what will bubble up.

Thanks for the leads!
Junior Burger
RE: tent hardware supply? 2006/04/12 18:31:20