Display Warmer - Humidified?

Junior Burger
2006/04/13 21:44:12
Having a small space, I need one unit to do it all. I would like to keep a variety of grab and go foods at the ready - premade burgers and chicken sandwiches, pretzels and dipping sauce, cookies. Do I need a humidified display (they all look like they were made for pizza) or would a simple warmer keep the food fresh for 1-2 hours? Any suggestions as to brands of microwave sandwiches would be of great help as well. Thanks. LG

It's unbelievable what salesman have tried to sell me for the set up I have. Very little space, electricity, no commercial kitchen facilities. If anyone can recommend a frozen sandwich line that can be microwaved, held warm , is profitable, and tastes good, please share!
RE: Display Warmer - Humidified? 2006/04/14 01:20:02
I would go with the humidified version. They seem to be more of the norm nowdays. Also, if you have products that may not work well with humidity, there should be a shut off switch on the unit (or it can be as simple as not adding water to the unit). Best idea would be talk to the manufacturer or salesman for their input.
RE: Display Warmer - Humidified? 2006/04/14 13:56:08
Hard to say whats available in your area food (pre-packaged). Check with some of your local food wholesalers. Maybe also contact some of these Mfg. companies and see if they will let you use one of their refridgerated display units for selling their products. (Like Coke and Pepsi do with theirs). Also look on Ebay for Merchandisers, may find a good deal on something your looking for. If you had the space for a stainless steel table, meat slicer, fridge and a 3 bay sink, you'd be on the way to making your own sandwiches!