MSN Combo Restaurant Review-Poll

Double Cheeseburger
2003/06/21 09:49:35
While most of you may be familiar with this combination restaurant review-poll (info re & opportunity to vote for your favorite restaurants in many categories in many US cities) which is available now and for the next 41 days on the internet at , I just stumbled upon it this morning and found it most interesting. Particularly interesting/potentially useful are the available individual overviews of each restaurant listed (providing useful operational details) and the great maps as to the restaurant locations (about the best such maps I've found). The User Reviews are also interesting. Initially thought this might be primarily restaurant publicity with only favorable reviews, but not so; I see both good and bad customer reviews of most restaurants I checked. Also found the opportunity to vote rather enjoyable, particularly voting for some restaurants which are my absolute favorites in various categories - Cunetto's in St. Louis and Port of Call in New Orleans, for example. Anyway, hope this website might be of interest or value to some of you. Liketoeat
RE: MSN Combo Restaurant Review-Poll 2003/06/21 11:22:56
I've seen this before too, but unfortunately they omitted the fair city of Dallas, Texas one of the largest cities in the US!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: MSN Combo Restaurant Review-Poll 2003/06/21 13:15:23
The site definitely has it's drawbacks. There doesn't seem to be any monitoring of the site. I found resataurants misplaced ( A top Spanish restaurant listed as Mexican!) Needless to say if you were looking for a special night out you wouldn't search under Mexican, yet that is the type of place this is, definitely not a place to go with the kids. I also checked out a city I often visit (resort area). It was obviously tourist driven, not one of the local places that serve the true local food was listed. It was all the fern Bar touristy places listed. None of the roadfood type places that I know abound in the area.!!