Hog dog stand permitting HELP needed

Junior Burger
2006/04/24 13:30:41

I am researching the permitting requirements for operating a hot dog stand in the city of San Diego. I understand the county health inspection requirements, but I'm a bit confused on the locational permitting requirements (where I will operate my cart). The city requires that a license be applied for any pushcart. This requires an address be associated with the location (private or public right-of-way) and has to go through some sort of public hearing/review from city officials.

I talked to the city and told them that I'm just going to be operating a temporary push cart that may change venues from time to time (like I might be operating at a certain park during certain events or maybe changing weekday locations depending on how each location does). In any case, they told me I still need to apply for a permit. This seems very unnecessary to apply for a permit each time I want to change location. I'm wondering if this is the norm for other cities?? Or do people w/ carts operating without permits/licensing hoping they won't get caught???
RE: Hog dog stand permitting HELP needed 2006/04/24 14:53:44
Try applying all your locations at once on the permit. I'm not familiar with CA laws, but it's worth a shot... Beats having to go back everytime for a new location. Maybe try calling the licensing agency in your area and ask them if this is possible...

Junior Burger
RE: Hog dog stand permitting HELP needed 2006/04/25 09:34:31
This is not a definative reply, because I don't know CA, and don't operate a cart; I have a truck classified as a Mobile Food Unit, therefore my permit is statewide and it is assumed that I will always be at different locations. Try the language "mobile vendor" on them and see what happens. For an address, could they mean/accept your commissary address, especially if they understand you are mobile? Also, what city department are you dealing with? The health department certifies you for foodservice, mobile or fixed, and where you are exactly has more to do with zoning regulations. Generally it is true that many areas discourage mobile and temporary vendors, sometimes by just being expensive or hard to deal with. Guess who's lobbying the local government/zoning board? Your competitors, the local fixed location restaurants. (As is their right, they've got a lot of capital invested.)
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RE: Hog dog stand permitting HELP needed 2006/04/25 16:06:56
How long has chevy had a range rover model express van?
Filet Mignon
RE: Hog dog stand permitting HELP needed 2006/04/25 17:23:05
The Range Rover Chevy Express Cargo Van is only available in Wisconsin. It's been around since 1998.

This picture was taken on site at the manufacturer in San Diego, CA. Our G1500 Chevy Express Cargo van is bright red with yellow Vienna Beef logos on the doors. The license plate reads "LETS EAT."


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RE: Hog dog stand permitting HELP needed 2006/04/25 21:44:54
nice cart! do you have to work out of a commissary?

i just finished getting licences for my mobile cart, in eugene oregon.

the state required inspection and licenceing, and that is good for all of oregon.
from that point, it was up to me to decide where i wanted to do business, either on private property, or city permitted areas.
when going with the city, they required that i submit a "business plan". basically telling and showing them what i was planning on doing. it was easy and passed the approval board .

if i decide to move my location to another city spot, i just have to notify the office of the change of location.
the whole process was pretty simple, all said and done.
so monday i am open for business!!!!!

RE: Hog dog stand permitting HELP needed 2006/04/25 21:48:33
Great looking cart CSD. Just out of curiosity what do you use to shine your cart up. My cart is made of cheap aluminum. It's showing it too. I used Mothers polish on it, but it is a lot of work. I definately think my next one will be made of stainless.
Filet Mignon
RE: Hog dog stand permitting HELP needed 2006/04/25 22:13:35
Thanks DJ & Myway. My cart is made from T304 stainless. I use Elco Stainless Steel Cleaner to polish and clean my cart. It's a good product that cleans, polishes, and prevents fingerprints. I use a friend's convenient store as my commissary. With many friends in the restaurant, catering, and retail food business, commissary selection was never a problem. DJ, Oregon is one of our favorite Pacific northwest states. We enjoyed our last trip to Eugene a few years ago. We had the best Copper River salmon in a restaurant that's inside an old railroad car. My wife and I are both recumbent bike riders and had a great time touring Eugene. We had breakfast at an old hippie restaurant and the place felt just like Madison, WI. We'd definitely fit in, especially since one of our cars is an old rusted 1989 240 Volvo wagon with roof racks for our tandem kayak and recumbent bikes. My wife preferred Lake Oswego, since it was closer to Portland. I liked Eugene. Good luck to both of you this season.


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