Restaurant Owner Wanting lowdown on

Junior Burger
2006/04/24 23:38:35
Hi everyone,

long-time waiter, first-time writer. Not actually an owner, but my boss is, and he is considering joining up with the very well-known online reservations system. His is an extremely popular, 300-seat japanese sushi/jazz club in oakland, CA, and this may be a way to alleviate the people and phone congestion that can happen to the poor hostesses and managers up front every night.
But, he has reservations. he has heard urban legends of random callers placing reservations all over restaurants through Open table's website, just to pull an intentional no-show. Anyone heard of this sort of thing? And for that matter, can anyone think of any legitimate reasons why he should not go ahead and use their user-friendly service. I'm doing this research, since he's my boss, who i get along well with, and also this is in the best interest of all working at the restaurant, of course, since one part affects all others, as we know.

Thanks for the feedback, wherever you are. i like this site so far. lots to read.