Detroit's Mexicantown

Junior Burger
2006/04/25 07:52:16
I was surprised at how poorly Detroit's Mexicantown restaurants are represented on this board. Detroit has a very large Mexican population and a bunch of good restaurants serving Mexican food! Can I name a few? Yes, Evie's Tamales on Bagley, El Zocalo, El Comal, El Rancho, Arandas, and Las Brisas come to mind.

Evie's Tamales serves Northern cuisine, not Tex-Mex, at a very reasonable price. There is a special everyday and the wait staff is great. It isn't elegant but it damnned sure is good!


RE: Detroit's Mexicantown 2006/04/25 15:36:55
Thanks Richard! Welcome to Roadfood. Been alot of questions in the past about Detroit Eats. Nice to see some more input for the archives..
Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Detroit's Mexicantown 2006/07/08 23:03:39
Detroit's Mexicantown does have some great eateries ... but what a huge disappointment with Restaurant Xochimilco there! Got accosted by an aggressive drunk panhandler *right* at the front door!! Bad, cold food, incredibly surly service and profanity all over the bathroom walls that ended up prompting an uncomfortable explanation to my brother's 7 year old when he started reading it outloud.

There are many excellent Mexican restaurants in Detroit, but I'll never go to Xochimilco again..
Junior Burger
RE: Detroit's Mexicantown 2006/08/15 15:01:17
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RE: Detroit's Mexicantown 2006/10/02 19:31:05

Not sure why everyone in Detroit goes here. It's pretty decent, but far from the best in Mexicantown.

Despite the generic-sounding name, the "Mexicantown Restaurant" on the corner is quite good.