hot dog show

Junior Burger
2003/06/21 20:14:02
Looking for the address for Cozy Dog in Springfield Ill.
Were planning a trip from WI to TX and want to try this place.
I went to the sight of the producer but couldn't find any address and didn't want to spend time driving around Springfield looking for the place.
As a newbie to this sight I'd also like to know the significance of the 'hamburger' cheeseburger' etc., and the stars under the username in the forums.
Thanks to all-
Julia I
RE: hot dog show 2003/06/22 01:28:42
The Cozy Dog is on the south side of Springfield, at 2935 S. Sixth St., on what was once known as Route 66. They do have a web site, can't remember what it is, though.

Someone else will have to chime in on the significance of the designations and stars on the Roadfood forums. I'm pretty sure that they reflect the number of times that you have posted to the forums, but exactly where the different cut-offs are, I'm not sure. I'm pretty new myself.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: hot dog show 2003/06/22 08:05:24
The hamburger. cheeseburger you see signifies that amount of post that you make. After 50 post, I believe you become a hamburger and I believe after 200, you become a cheeseburger and after 500 post, you become a double cheeseburger.

Paul E. Smith
Knoxville, TN
Double Cheeseburger
RE: hot dog show 2003/06/22 08:41:09
FYI: enjoy!!!
seafarer john
Filet Mignon
RE: hot dog show 2003/06/22 10:32:26
They signify that some of us have lots of wisdom, knowledge, experience, opinions, and probably too much time on our hands...
Junior Burger
RE: hot dog show 2003/06/23 20:24:51
Thanks to all who replied! I now have enough info to get there and am looking forward to a heapen helpin of Cozy Dogs!! Bratwerst