Fast Food/Fat Legal Attack

Double Cheeseburger
2003/06/22 12:01:48

Everyone to his own opinion. Obviously the success of the efforts outlined in the website posted above would make lots of people very happy. To me it is just more of a big crock of legal c--p, believing there is such a thing as personal responsibility and not holding the legal profession in too high esteem. But anyway, as said, thought it was relevant news, and everyone to this own opinion. Liketoeat -
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Fast Food/Fat Legal Attack 2003/06/22 12:56:18
Another bunch of PC BC. Facts being twisted to suit their needs, ie the beef fat in McD's fries, the suit wasn't about fat per say but that it was beef fat, therefore anathama to vegetarians. Particularly in the case of the suit if I remember correctly because of religious reasons. I bet all those calls from the men about the oreos suit had more to do with just plain old "don't touch my oreo" than anything else, never met a man who didn't like his oreo!