Concession Trailer behind Class A Coach?

Junior Burger
2006/05/01 00:13:08
Me and my wife are thinking of getting into the concession business.
The trailer we are looking at buying is a 24 ft enclosed and we were also thinking of buying a motorhome to pull it so we would always have a place to sleep and shower near by.
I am looking at buying a used coach probably around 26 to 32 ft .. has anyone ever pulled or new anyone who has pulled a trailer that long with a class a coach? It sounds like a alot of vehicle going down the road. Any thoughts or comments are welcome.

Rob & Jolene
Filet Mignon
RE: Concession Trailer behind Class A Coach? 2006/05/01 06:26:10
I have a friend that dose it all the time. Large Winnebago and 24ft. trailer behind loadded with antiques. Can't begin to tell you hou many times that thing has been up and down the east coast. Chow Jim
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Concession Trailer behind Class A Coach? 2006/05/01 17:33:32
That is a lot of vehicle but once the trailer is loaded properly it shouldn't be a problem. Backing that thing up however will take a bit of practice
RE: Concession Trailer behind Class A Coach? 2006/05/04 08:19:44
Son's a commercial trucker. You do have a length limit without a CDL. I don't know if the math in your instance falls into that but I would guess it's ok. You'll have to look that one up, but it is ok to tow a trailer behind a motor home. (I just don't know the overall length.) You can also tow up to 2 trailers in certain circumstances.

I've towed just about everything that doesn't require a CDL. You do have to pay attention to turns, the trailer doesn't follow your original path in every instance. That, and backing up. It's counter intuitive. (like turning the wheel to the left to make the trailer rear end go to the right)

I would so love to do what you're planning to do. Just don't have the money.

You've probably got it covered but don't forget about the Health Permits for places you're planning to go. You can't just show up and operate. Most Fairs and Festivals have applications so you can plan your scedule and the places you need to contact.

Anyway, hope this helps.


Junior Burger
RE: Concession Trailer behind Class A Coach? 2006/05/26 14:34:55
Hi, If you need more info on towing, go to and click on their forums, they have lots of info on towing. Laura
Junior Burger
RE: Concession Trailer behind Class A Coach? 2006/05/27 00:34:02
Rob, I have had motorhomes for years. Most current is a 35' bus. It will pull 10,000lbs and weighs 34000lbs. I have never had to go through the weigh stations on the road, I happen to have a license with endorsements, weight, air brakes. Not necessary in most states. Unless you have an very carefull here. I think you need to evaluate several things.

How much room do you need to "live aboard" while on the road.
How much weight will you be towing. (remember if you purchase a motorhome that won't pull the trailer one or the other is useless)
What type of budget are you allowing to "get into the business"
Ready to go consession trailers can cost more than the motorhome.
Are you going to go from place to place or leave one parked in the same spot.
Make sure the genset on the motorhome is large enough to handle ALL the concievable loads while doing business. Or an aux genset is necessary.
Price great (read GREAT) ROAD ASSISTANCE (towing) insurance. A thousand dollar tow bill is hard to swallow when great insurance is only $100/yr

Have a real heart to heart with the better half and well then just jump in..nothing like being in business for yourself!

Best of luck..

Scott B