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cowboy bob 2
2006/05/04 15:49:54
What I mean is , I am trying to sell my used concession trailer a man came to look at it today for the local swim pool, but he has a business with 2,000 emp. and no food on site and asked if I was interested in a 2 hr daily gig at his place for lunch. But no I have my other site going at the furniture store and is working out nicely.
Filet Mignon
RE: more site offers 2006/05/05 06:57:00
Bob, we know this business is a numbers game. If I could get 10% of those 2000 employees(200 customers)during that 2 hour window to spend $2 each=$400/day X 5 days=$2,000/week for 10 hours of sales or $8,000/month for 40 hours of sales. When was the last time you grossed $8,000 for 40 hours of sales? More customers or the same customers with greater sales amounts, works out even better. How would this compare to the dollars/hour of your furniture store location? Of course, nothing is guaranteed and like everything else, it's a risk. If I had this opportunity, I'd test the waters for one week or two. What have you got to lose? What can you gain? Just my .02.


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