Hungry Heifer

Pat T Hat
Double Cheeseburger
2006/05/06 09:06:58
It's been 7 years I guess but the steaks I had at the Hungry Heifer(that's right, Norm from Cheers favorite place)in Castle Rock Colorado were the absolute best I have ever had. Black Angus I think. Tender as butter, squirt in your eye juicy and grilled to perfection! I ate there everyday (4 days) and never came close to grumbling. Nice bar upstairs were I got to watch Elway work his comeback magic on the Vikings with a table full of Minnesota fans in attendence. I myself was wearing my ever present Bengals hat, remember this was mid 90's, and I was given special dipensation and pity along with copious amounts of liquor to ease MY pain. Just a little steakhouse in a little town with big flavor, big hearts and friendly fans! It seemed to be some what of an institution so I imagine they are still in operation. I was there the night the town lit up the giant Christams lights on the big rock overlooking the town before Thanksgiving. A nice little event where it seemed the whole town showed up and all the joints emptied out on the snowy main street.
RE: Hungry Heifer 2006/05/08 00:10:07
Sounds like an awesome town- A Christmas lighting event and great steaks! Mayberry never had it so good! My wife's and my favorite place for steaks is a chain restaurant in the town (Alliance) next to us- Texas Roadhouse. You can get an 8 ounce steak, grilled to perfection, w/ an amazingly good salad, your choice of a side, and homemade "from scratch" yeast rolls, all for only $10.49! The chicken critters (an appetizer- real breast meat, dipped in homemade batter, and fried to a crunchy, golden perfection) are out of this world! There are several so-called "steak houses" nearby, in or near Belden Village mall. For our money, and several of our neighbors and friends, you can't beat Texas Roadhouse!