Chicken Mull

2006/05/24 11:55:12
I had barbecue recently at Hot Thomas' place near Watkinsville, Georgia. In addition to the regular menu that day, Hot was featuring Chicken Mull. Does anyone, especially Ort. Carlton, know the history of this dish or have a family recipe or story to share?

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Fred Sauceman
Johnson City, Tennessee
Michael Hoffman
Double-chop Porterhouse
RE: Chicken Mull 2006/05/24 12:16:40
Interesting. I found this:

The dish known in northeast Georgia as chicken mull is a stew of chicken meat (ground or cut into bite-sized or smaller pieces), broth, milk, butter, vegetables, and seasonings, thickened with crumbs of soda crackers. It is also called chicken stew, chicken soup (rarely), and in south Georgia, chicken jallop. Because grinding, cutting, and lengthy cooking can tenderize tough meat, chicken mull may have originated as a way to make tough old roosters and spent hens palatable.
RE: Chicken Mull 2006/05/24 13:40:32
My buddy makes a similar dish with squirrel when he finds the ones he has hunted are on the old age side, and therefore, tougher meat.