Hot Dog Cart Help

Dogs on Wheels
Junior Burger
2006/05/25 01:24:37
I just recieved my cart yesterday and Im getting ready to hit the road on Friday but I need help.But it may be a stupid question.
I used to work on a hot dog Truck. The steam table would be filled with water and then the pans for the dogs, kraut, chili etc would lay in the steam table water with no direct flame. Just in the water.
The cart I ordered was from All American and its the Hot Dogger model.
Now it came with all the pans and all but underneath the pans is the burners.
My stupid question is this.
What do I do now? Do I just leave the pans and the burner warms up whatevers in the pans ie; Dogs in water, kraut, chili , onions. or do I have to get a giant pan to fit the opening, fill that with waterand then drop the pans in the big pan with water.
Not sure if any of this made sense but I just want to get it right thats all. Sorry, Im just confused.
Thanks for any help.
EddyBees Dogs
RE: Hot Dog Cart Help 2006/05/25 02:16:48
Get a big pan to put the others into. It should be able to fit right. You will undoubtably burn your food or the pan itself.
Dr of BBQ
Filet Mignon
RE: Hot Dog Cart Help 2006/05/25 14:51:25
I started to build a hot dog cart,but then decided I liked BBQ better so I built a unit that can handle both it's at