Memphis Burgers

Junior Burger
2003/06/26 13:33:04
While BBQ is obiviously king here, Memphis has some surprisingly good burger places...

Dyers--Deep fried burgers
Huey's--just well cooked burgers of a couple of different varieties (get the onion rings)
Elliot's--downtown. Huge. I haven't been back for a few years, but I hear it's still good.

Love to hear about others or your opinions on these.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Memphis Burgers 2003/06/29 22:19:59
Tater, I don't know anything about Dyers or Elliot's, but I really like Huey's burgers; juicy & tasty; the best I've had in Memphis. Huey's also has soup, or chowder guess it is (corn & potato), which is delicious. A cup of that chowder & one of their burgers is good any time, but especially so to me on a cold, rainy, wintery day. And as far as a chain goes, Memphis' originated Back Yard Burgers puts out burgers which are heads & shoulders above most chains and above burgers from an awful lot of independently owned restaurants. Back Yard Burgers also serves some pretty mean chili. It's just a pity so many of their locations lack indoor dining facilities. Of course if one is in Memphis and craving burgers, he should try if at all possible to get down to Phillips Grocery at Holly Springs, MS, for one of their burgers; for several of their single (rather than one of their double) burgers if really hungry. Phillips Grocery is one of the two best places I've ever experienced anywhere in this country for burgers.
Junior Burger
RE: Memphis Burgers 2003/07/20 22:37:09
Memphis has one of the best burgers in America! BRADLEYS HAMBURGERS on Riverdale off Winchester Rd. Bradley is truly the burger KING
this guy has made like a million burgers himself all fresh and homemade and he's been to or knows a little about every well known burger joint in America. A virtual encyclopedia of useless
burger knowledge. Its kinda hard to find they do no advertising.
I go there from Fed Ex World HQ its only about 3 miles away
tucked into a corner beside a huge dry cleaners. You gotta try it!

ps. They make their own fries and they are awesome
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Memphis Burgers 2003/07/21 11:24:04
I'm totally unfamiliar with Bradleys Hamburgers in Memphis but will surely give it a try next time I'm over that way, which will probably be Saturday. Your description sounds and its website looks great. Where is it from FedEx or off Winchester? Know those locations. Thanks.
Junior Burger
RE: Memphis Burgers 2008/08/21 11:32:23
Huey's! I was in Memphis in July (similar to Paris in Springtime I think...) and ate a great burger at Huey's downtown. It was a few blocks away from the Peabody (north and a little west I think). I was with my daughter and 2 friends, and their YOKE youth leader (YOKE is a Christian-based youth ministry to middle schoolers in East Tennessee), and we were surprising one of the girls other YOKE leaders who was returning from 6 months in Europe on a foreign study program. We waited at the airport with balloons and welcome home sign and we shocked her pretty good! The next day, she took us around Memphis (Beale St., Peabody, Schwab's General Store, Mud Island...AND HUEY's!

Everyone enjoyed writing on the walls and shooting toothpicks into the ceiling. Yes, it is allowed, and perhaps expected at Huey's. There are a few thousand toothpicks stuck in the ceiling tiles that redundant? They give you a bowl full of straws and toothpicks. I was 2 for 4...50% success rate. Our Memphian friend was 2 for 2...gotta give her props! Our younger companions were not so effective. My daughter sent one onto a plate at the neighboring table...another one of our crew launched her toothpick on a high arch which ended up plunging into a carafe of iced tea at the SAME neighboring table. Our neighbors just laughed...which I was glad for since one of them looked like he just changed his biker clothes for a more civilized look...but the shaved head, giant mustache, pierced ears, all made me uncomfortable in case he was offended. I was the only guy at our table so as a southern gentleman, I figured it would be my duty to defend my table...ok, so I exaggerated, he only had one pierced ear!

So Huey's is fun, and the food is great. My daughter said it was the best burger she ever had...I would say one of the 5 best. I didn't order onion rings, but I got to try one and they were huge and very good. Stop by with an appetite, and enjoy the fun!