Unknown Mexican joint off I10

2006/06/14 11:17:07
I figured if i can't get help here, i can't ge t it anywhere.

On a road trip back form the mountains i headed down into New Mexico and found myself in El Passo. When we started back home we took I10 all the way across Texas. Only because we were about to run out of gas we stoped at an exit that had about 10 buildings total, one of which was a Mexican restaurant with the best i have ever had...Still talk about it today.

If anyone has been there thety will know what i am talking about because inside there is the biggest John Madden shrine you have ever seen. Apparently he stops there in his RV every chance he gets and they have a table ropped off for him waiting his return. Pictures of him with the owner...the whole works.

For the life or me, I cannot remember the name of that place. It was about 10 years ago this summer that i found it, and think about it all the time. Pease help.
RE: Unknown Mexican joint off I10 2006/06/14 11:29:16

Chuy's in Van Horn, TX. Several locations around the state. A buddy of mine stops there religiously on his way to Terlingua for the big chili cook off.

Personally I'd keep going on to Marfa and hit Barrunda's bar and grill.

Vayo con Queso