Fried Chicken At Its Best!

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2006/06/19 18:09:21
Here in Southern Indiana, we feel the best fried chicken is served at the small restaurant/tavern combinations that have been around for a long time. many people around here think the best of the best is served at The Chicken Place in Ireland, Indiana, which is about 5 miles down the road from Jasper, Indiana, a German settlement known for great food. The Chicken Place has been around since at least the 1950s, maybe longer, and they have a secret recipe that is unlike any that I have ever tasted. This is definitely not the broasted style chicken or from one of the chain restaurants. They use huge pieces of chicken with a heavy coating, served hot, yet that is moist and definitely tastes different than others. Also they are known for their fried chicken livers and gizzards, and don't miss their german fries and german potato salad. It is also known for its huge frosted mugs of beer, and if you go during St Patty's day to Ireland, Indiana, you can drink it green. The place is nothing fancy and it hasn't changed much in 50 years, but if you go on Friday or Saturday evenings, you can expect to wait for awhile to be seated, as people drive for many miles to eat here. I don't think you will be disappointed!
RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/19 19:05:32
I haven't tried The Chicken Place, but look forward to it some day. Last week while traveling through southern Indiana, my wife and I had fried chicken at the famous Wagner's in Oldenburg and it was delicious. Very peppery and juicy. The last time I traveled through this area, I tried the Brau Haus restaurant, which is also in Oldenburg, and their fried chicken was great, too. How has great fried chicken in southern Indiana been kept such a secret for so long? I understand that Harland Sanders originated from this area before moving on to Corbin, KY. I would also recommend the fried chicken at The Old Brick Tavern a few miles south of exit 156 off of I-74.
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/20 10:02:34
Count me as a big fan of The Chicken Place. I ate there for the first time just a few months ago. As good as the fried chicken was, I was most impressed by the wonderful German potato salad. And the friendly staff takes good care of you. I had heard how crowded they can get, so I went early on a Saturday night and got seated right away. But by the time I was finished eating, there were long lines out of both the front and the back door.
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/20 10:35:17

BTB- The Colonel was born in Henryville, Indiana. Henryville is located at exit 19 of I-65 directly north of Louisville. There is a Historic marker to identify the site.

We have been able to enjoy the Chicken Place a couple of times when passing thru the Jasper area. The Oldenburg 'Region' is further east along I-74 between Indy and Cincinnati.

In both areas the influence of early German settlers has lingered in the food that stands out in todays travel-world.
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/20 20:16:36
I've never eaten at The Chicken Place but Price's Chicken Coop in Charlotte (get two pro teams and you don't have to put you state anymore) is the best there is on this planet.
RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/21 03:43:05
And posts like these make me wonder just what is legalady referring to?
I think roadfood is still alive and well.
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/21 08:24:53
Hmm, I travel a lot ot Ft. Wayne for Business. Checked out how far it would be to go down here from ft. wayne and it was several hours. Any chance any of that good fried chicken finds it way up north in the state?
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/21 08:44:06
I remember enjoying the chicken at Big Boys in a place in Missouri..I think it is Wrightsville or Wrighton...anyone know of it and the correct town...after passing through there one early September I stopped for lunch and was happy I did...then I bought an awesome grape pie from a roadside stand to follow it all up...
RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/22 10:14:59
To renfrew regarding good fried chicken in the northern part of Indiana, my favorite place there is Das Dutchman Essenhaus in Middlebury, Indiana. People travel from hundreds of miles around to get some of their great pressure fried chicken, as well as other great food items. Their fried chicken isn't the peppery kind found in the southern part of the state, but it is still great. They are located about 50 or 60 miles north of Ft. Wayne and about 10 miles west of Shipshewana which boasts of the country's largest outdoor flea market, at which I cannot walk through and cover in one day. There are also some great Amish restaurants in Shipshewana. Check out the Essenhaus at
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/22 10:20:00
BTB, thanks very much! 50 miles is much better to travel! I'll try it next time I am out there!
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/24 17:14:58
I guess some of the fried chicken in Southern Indiana has a lot of pepper in it, but not The Chicken Place. Again, it has a unique taste, and the large chicken breasts are the best, when you open up a piece, it is still steaming hot and pure white on the inside and very moist--not at all the dried out version that you get at some places. It is crispy and crunchy and makes me salivate, just sitting here thinking about it. They also serve the old-fashioned home-made uncoated fries, that you can rarely find. Just down the road in Jasper, Indiana, is the german restaurant, The Schnitzelbank. They have a great salad bar with chilledd plates and dark and light breads and soups, german items like pickled herring also on the SB. Their menu contains everything from sauerbraten and bratwurst & kraut to many American items. They also have excellent fried chicken. Also in Jasper, you can go to Heichelbeck's Restaurant, where they also have a fine salad bar and good fried chicken, and they specialize in turtle soup. They have quite a few new restaurants, but these are the oldies--that have been around a long time, and the ones I prefer. Jasper is a Foodlovers Paradise!
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/24 17:29:30
Do you have any idea why 'Snapper Soup' seems to be an old favorite in that part of Indiana? By the time you get 30 miles east (Paoli/French Lick) you don't see it on the menus anywhere. But from Jasper south to the river, and west to near Evansville, Snapper Soup can be found in many of the "old" standbys. Strong stuff, but I love it!

You are correct about the peppery flavor of the Chicken found in the places in S E Indiana. Some say it is the German Influence in the Oldenburg area that made that it's 'special ingredient'. I don't know why, but the places described above over in the Indy-to-Cincy area seem to add more than the average amount of spice to the coating. It is good though!
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/24 17:40:52
AL--I don't really know. This may be a German thing as well. I have heard some of the old-timers talk or brag about putting their hand into a snapping turtles nest under the water, claiming the turtles won't bite under water, but I wouldn't want to risk my hand on that assumption! I do like the turtle soup. It also kind of reminds me a little of the fricassee(minus the turtle meat, mind you) that we used to get at the soup suppers, when I was a kid over in Knox County, and I don't know how much that is served other places, either, but it was good eating, nevertheless.
RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/06/25 09:30:57
A big amen to the The Chicken Place. We always get a order of 1/2 livers and 1/2 gizzards for an appetizer, then chicken. You can't go wrong with any of the potato choices- german fried,german potato salad,french fries. Also, I am not a beer drinker, but the beer comes in two sizes, a glass or a "schooner" which looks like it holds about a quart.

Love the place. Well worth the drive.
RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/07/01 03:47:03
Around here the best chicken places are the places where weddings are held. Like The Darboy Club,Romys Nightengale,Van Ables,Doxbies. Some of the supermarkets around here are also very good. The local Piggly Wiggly just blocks from my house. Copps food center, and also Rings just down the street has Chester Fried. No need for KFC here. As for all they each do it a little different but they are all very good. Especially the wedding places.I also cant forget Marys place. They have the broaster chicken which is very good.
Junior Burger
RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/07/14 17:55:51
One place in Indiana, that I forgot to mention is McKinley Orchard Restaurant in Oaktown, Indiana. I believe they just take reservations. It is a very small place and they used to have a piano player at dinner. They had a buffet, but it was all "old time cookin'". They served pan-fried chicken, one of the very few places that does that. It reminded me of the way my grandmother used to cook back in the 50s. They also serve a great ham loaf, and all kinds of homemade salads...Don't pass up the fruit cobblers & ice cream for dessert!
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/07/14 17:58:09
I forgot to say that McKinley Orchard Restaurant in Oaktown, Indiana, is in northern Knox County, Indiana, and the restaurant is located just off Hwy 41
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/07/21 08:33:30
if i am having chicken outside my place, the i like to have it the chinese way.i like chinese chicken saute with lots of mushroom and the seasonal gravy with tofu. its just yummy....
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/07/27 19:59:13
I had dinner at the Chicken Place two days ago. When I arrived at 8:00 p.m., the long lines had dissipated. It was still fairly crowded even at that hour. I have been there 15 minutes before the doors opened at 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays and encountered a long line which had already started to form at the front door. The restaurant only holds 200 people maximum, and I have been in there often when I could barely move. The chicken has a great flavor.

The Sterns recommended this place in "Eat Your Way Across the U.S.A.," but they haven't recommended it since then, probably because they haven't gotten back there in a while.

When I want a break from the fried chicken at the Bon Ton Mini Mart in Henderson, Kentucky, I know The Chicken Place is only an hour away.

And thanks for the tip about the McKinley Orchard Restaurant in Oaktown, Indiana and Heichelbeck's Restaurant in Jaspar, Indiana. I'll have to check them out.
Junior Burger
RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/08/03 14:24:34
I have also had some pretty good fried chicken at our local Amish buffets: Black Buggy Restaurant in Washington, Indiana, and Knepp's Restaurant, just east of Washington on Hwy 50, and Stoll's Restaurant at Boggs Lake, Just north of Loogootee, Indiana, on Hwy 45/231. The buffets, like any other restaurant, are best when they are crowded and the food is good and fresh.
RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2006/08/06 15:11:41
An interesting story about my favorite subject . . . FRIED chicken:

My wife sent me to the grocery store last Friday with a list of "stuff" needed for the weekend.

So, somewhat distraught, I made the trek down to our local Food Lion here in Columbia.

At the front door, I picked up a copy of their advertising "flyer" and noted that their DELI had a special on FRIED chicken . . . $3.99 for 8 (eight) pieces (essentially a whole chicken fryer, sans the back).

I figured "for that price" I would give it a try. I purchased a package and took it home.

My wife and I (both die-hard Southern fried-chicken-fans) agreed that it was DELICIOUS, far better than any KFC that we have ever had!

One never knows where one might find good fried chicken!
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2009/04/25 22:47:23
A former Hoosier, I just ate at the Chicken Place for the first time since my childhood 20 years ago.  EVERYTHING was just as I remembered it...especially the delicious fried chicken.  There's none as crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.  My Kentucky husband would have like it a little "spicier", but I thought it was perfect!  He thoroughly enjoyed the German potatoes though!!  One of the menu items I haven't seen anyone mention here, that I think are a MUST, are the fried mushroom appetizers!  The ones we had tonight were hot out of the grease, and literally melted in our mouths. 
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2009/06/23 15:55:28
As far as fried chicken goes in Bridgeport, CT the local favorite place is Drumstik Barbeque...their chicken is not the least bit greasy and its nice and juicy.

They also have great sides and make beer battered mushrooms and fried zucchini too!! Mmm mm mm!

If anybody is ever in the area, it is on Main St in Bridgeport and they have been there for about 40 years now. The only down side to this is there is really no place to dine in if you plan on eating there.
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RE: Fried Chicken At Its Best! 2009/11/01 20:49:18
Indiana fried chicken? Klump's Tavern in New Alsace, Indiana gets my vote. Southeastern Indiana fried chicken at its best.

Type Klump's Tavern in Google Maps and it will take you to the very place.

Of course, you could take the safe route and go to Wagner's Village Inn, a fried chicken tradition in Oldenburg, not far from the Batesville exit on I-74.
Hey, Captain Keevin, my father was from Loogootee and my mother was from Alfordsville.
L double O, G double O, T double e, that is.
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