A Throwback to McDonalds 1965 in Oakland

2003/06/26 17:34:52
A friend of mine in Oakland took me to a food stand with two walk up windows across the street from a lake. It was called Quick Way. No place to sit and no inside restaurant.

This place had burgers, fries and shakes that tasted just like what I had in McDonalds in the mid-sixties. In Brooklyn we ate at a McDonalds on Nostrand Ave. near Avenue V which was the only one around for a few years.

I was able to watch the food prepared. In the back against the wall, I saw a box against the wall and on the side in big letters, it said LARD.

Has anyone else experienced a lunch or dinner at Quick Way by Lake Park in Oakland? If not, I reccommend it.
RE: A Throwback to McDonalds 1965 in Oakland 2003/09/10 16:43:42
Wow! I just got through posting about Kwik Way on the In'n'Out thread!
I thought it was one of those "best kept secret" places, where the tourists are afraid to get out of their rental cars. However, the Lake Merritt location is much nicer than the one at 23rd and Telegraph. When I lived in Oakland, we called it "Sick Way", but it was strictly complimentary. A couple of triple cheeses, a large fries and a shake could seriously lay you up for a day or two. As I said in my other post, it's like eating a greased croquet ball, only delicious! Did you notice that the guys in the kitchen wear plastic booties to protect their shoes? Lard indeed.