Phoenix to San Diego

Junior Burger
2003/06/27 10:07:39
Looking for advise on eating spots between Phoenix and San Diego and anywhere around San Diego. Appropriate for well behaved children, adult meals $5 - $18. Ethnic, adventurous, and eclectic food welcome! Great classics, too. Thanks in advance.
Filet Mignon
RE: Phoenix to San Diego 2003/06/27 11:14:41
In San Diego, I always loved going to The Fish Market. It's a regional California chain with a handful of locations scattered up and down the state (unless they have now expanded ). Anyway, they offer a wide selection of fresh fish and shellfish dishes. The menu changes somewhat due to seasonal availability, but I've never had anything at any of them I didn't like.

I think they also offer a few chicken/steak entrees, but I never tried those. I would usually start with a bucket of assorted steamers, then go for one of the fish specials.

Anyway, it's reasonably priced, and a good place for "well behaved children".
Filet Mignon
RE: Phoenix to San Diego 2003/06/27 12:40:13
Just at the edge of Old Town on San Diego Ave. is the Old Town Mexican Cafe. It's a good place for kids-------they have women in the front windows making tortillas for them to watch. Food is good-----margaritas ok too. My favorite is the carnitas plate. It's worth a try.
North County
Junior Burger
RE: Phoenix to San Diego 2003/06/27 14:33:07

There is a great place in Pacific Beach called World Curry - on Garnet. The cost would be $12-15 per person max.

They serve curries from all over the World. Southeast Asia, India, and the Caribbean. This is a fun place with a staff that cares about the food. Short drive to the PB pier or you can have a nice walk down Garnett and enjoy this true California beach town.
Junior Burger
RE: Phoenix to San Diego 2003/06/29 12:17:11
All sound like interesting places, thanks for the advise!