...is there a way???

Junior Burger
2006/06/22 16:28:11
Does anyone know if there is a recipe for and a way to make cake cones at home? I like the Joy commercial ones well enough, but always wondered if they could be made somehow at home. Any help appreciated!
seafarer john
Filet Mignon
RE: ...is there a way??? 2006/06/22 17:57:04
I've been in ice cream shops where they make cones on a kind of waffle iron right in front of you. It doesn't look like an expensive piece of equipment and I'd assume the recipe is readily available. Question is: where to find that kind of waffle iron.

Cheers, John
RE: ...is there a way??? 2006/06/23 00:53:09

Ice Cream Cone Caddy
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