new bbq & chicken in nyc - Rack & Soul

2006/06/25 18:47:22
a new joint just opened up on the upper west side by the name of Rack and Soul. it is 2818 broadway (that is the southeast corner of broadway and 109th st.). had lunch there today and it was very good. the pulled pork sandwich was moist with lots of nice crusty bits, served with just a bit of cole slaw and sauce (not too much sauce so if you like it saucy add your own either sweet or spicy). the sauce is on the thick tomatoey (is that a word) side. speaking of sides an bbq sandwich ($8.95, nyc prices) comes with one side. we had the stewed okra, collared greens and candied yams (we sprang for an extra) all were very good. from what i understand their real speciality is chicken, fried, smothered or bbq style. all are supposed to be very good (more details to follow as i go back and sample more). also on the menu are beef short ribs, baby back ribs and catfish all of which look delicious when they passed by. based on an initial outing i would recommend this joint. i will try to post some pics and more details since i think i will be going back soon cause it's only 10 blocks from where i live. hope this is helpful. oh yeah the desserts looked great , red velvet cake, coconut pineapple, banana pudding, frozen lemon cake and others