Sonic vs Stewarts

Junior Burger
2003/06/28 01:23:21
When Sonic Drive In's finally arrive in the North East (especially New Jersey) in a few year's will the Stewart’s Drive in's who are still sending hops out to the cars to take orders be able to compete with Sonic's modern order trough a menu speaker from your spot system. The taste of food at Stewart’s seem to vary from location to Location will Stewart’s have to adopt a more uniform Menu and maybe modernize their restaurants with a Sonic like ordering system.
RE: Sonic vs Stewarts 2003/06/28 01:35:29
Back in the late 70s during the CB Radio Fad, our local Sonic Drive in Pine Bluff Arkansas changed its name to "Breaker" Drive In. While trying to order on the old intercom system all the CB Radio's could be heard on the speakers. "Breaker Breaker" Too Funny. Back then I thought the food was good. Now it is just blah.........