Old Bay Steamers Okaloosa Island, FL/FWB

Junior Burger
2006/07/06 11:02:18
Just returned from Destin, Fl area and had one of best meals ever at Old Bay Steamers.
Seafood at is best!
Don't expect:
1-a view of the Gulf, they don't have one, and don't need one
2-anything fried- as they state on the menu- NO FREID CRAP. (Rare for this area)
They do have call ahead seating, recommended
We got the steamer plate for 2- A HUGE PLATE of Snow Crab, King Crab, Mussels, clams, Oysters, Shrimp, corn on the cob, new potatoes, salad with wonderful house dressing.
We could not finish plate and did not touch the corn or potatoes
RE: Old Bay Steamers Okaloosa Island, FL/FWB 2006/08/06 12:28:37
Old Bay Steamers was one of the highlights of our trip to Florida year before last. What a concept! All they lacked was someone to come by with a firehose to wash us down afterwards. What a mess, but what a mess of crabs!
Junior Burger
RE: Old Bay Steamers Okaloosa Island, FL/FWB 2006/08/06 14:10:16
There is also an Old Bay Steamer located in Fairhope AL with food just as good. They sell their house dressing, bottled, to take home. Makes me hungry just thinking of that great seafood!