Tasti -D-Lite encore

Filet Mignon
2006/07/08 22:31:09
Last year I wrote about "TDL", the "taste treat" of NYC. It is a sort of frozen custard/ lo fat yogurt with a wonderful clean taste. Comes in like 100 flovors, but usually only 4 are featured each day. Sold only in Tasti-d-lite stores all over Manhattan. I think it was also on Sex & the City.

So delicious; I am addicted.

Does anyone recognize TDL this year? Any sightings outside of NYC?
Junior Burger
RE: Tasti -D-Lite encore 2006/07/12 20:43:55
Yes we had one open in College Park, MD right off of campus. I had it and it absolutely sucked. Recently a Cold Stone opend up acorss the street, so i don't give it much time. Maybe it's better in NY but TCBY was better, (which isn't saying much
Filet Mignon
RE: Tasti -D-Lite encore 2006/07/12 21:06:10
Well, thanks for the comment. Maybe TastiDLite is an acquired taste! It's something like TCBY. Maybe you had a bad flaver (?)