Good BBQ near downtown Birmingham?

Junior Burger
2003/06/30 11:21:27
I'm going to be staying in downtown Birmingham on business. Can anyone recommend a good BBQ place for dinner that's a short cab ride from downtown.

I've already been to the Bham branch of Dreamland, so I'm looking for somewhere new.

Many thanks.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Good BBQ near downtown Birmingham? 2003/06/30 22:47:56
Try this site,

Jim N Nicks is pretty good BBQ in a nice dining room suitable for dinner. I remember a location on University just south of downtown, but can't seem to find it now. Maybe they closed that one. Ollie's is fine for lunch, but it's a drive-in place. Not a sit down for dinner. For a quick roadfood lunch in heart of downtown, go to Pete's Famous Hot Dogs at 1925 2nd AVe. North. You can just squeeze in the narrow storefront, and after at least 4 dogs eaten standing up you may not squeeze out. They are gud.
Junior Burger
RE: Good BBQ near downtown Birmingham? 2003/07/07 22:47:47
There is a branch of Jim 'N Nicks in Hoover which would be about a 15 minute cab ride from downtown. You can eat in or get food from the drive through. I loved their cheese biscuits. Also you can choose from things besides pork (as a Yankee I don't eat pulled pork very often, we just don't have it up here and my tummy found it was happier with turkey or chicken bbq.)The pies are incredible, too.