Roadside selling article in paper

2006/07/13 20:47:18
Article from th Florida Today paperabout roadside selling.
Scroll down to the hot dog vendor and what he had to do.
Thought this may be of some help to someone.
RE: Roadside selling article in paper 2006/07/13 21:37:29
Hi Roosy,
Sounds like they are getting pretty tough down there. I suppose when it comes to food vending they probably have to be strict. Father in Law stopped by a roadside taco stand in Texas while on vacation. Three days in the hospital for food poisoning. Health Dept. Shut it down when they found it did not have a license. Health inspector was shocked about the health violations they found.
RE: Roadside selling article in paper 2006/07/14 13:56:28
hi roosy,
very nice article. it outlined exactly what we had to go thru to get our mfd. the only thing it left out was your 3 inspections per year which has to be conducted at your commissary kitchen location.
since we vend at our local farmer's market we are open for pop inspections by the department of agriculture which is a different governmental agency from the department of business and professional regulations which issues the mfd.
myself i am glad they are shutting down the illegals.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Roadside selling article in paper 2006/07/16 06:58:39
i hear ya jack. it aint fair for all that have gone through so much, to have someone who hasnt, sell down the street. but, i think its a crying shame, that they dont allow venders in some parts of the east coast of fl. aint this america? how can they say you cannot sell? that, just aint right.