Peculiar Food Stories

Double Cheeseburger
2003/06/30 22:43:05
I just registered today, so I thought I'd share a food-related story and see if anyone else has a similar experience.

I got married four years ago. For my surprise bachelor party, instead of strippers my friends rented a driver and arranged a five-borough eating tour of Manhattan (where I live.)

We started off in Brooklyn at my favorite pizza place, called Lento's. We then sampled pizza at another favorite in Staten Island called Nunzio's. Both of these places make thin crust pizza, which is what you'll typically find in New York City.

From there, we went to Ben Faremo's Lemon Ice King in Queens (had to clean the palate, after all). I'm not wild about ices, but that place is great. The Bronx was difficult: my friends had already made dinner plans for the Manhattan leg of the trip, so the Italian restaurants on Arthur Avenue weren't a realistic stop. Plus, we had a dozen guys, and those restaurants don't take reservations. So, after discovering that one of my favorite burger places in the Bronx had closed its doors, we made a token stop for drinks.

Finally, we went to Copeland's in Harlem, which has fantastic fried chicken and other southern food.

Maybe I'll renew my vows next year....if I can have another bachelor party.
Route 11
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Peculiar Food Stories 2003/07/02 11:59:34
Maybe more of a pecuilar food craving...but if I'm up late, I crave Wendys and Krystal due to my terrific college eating habits. I live 25 miles from any fast food establishment now, which is good.
RE: Peculiar Food Stories 2003/07/02 15:10:13
Phil, your bachelor party sounds AWESOME!!! She's a lucky lady, your wife.