Kentucky roadfood trip report

2006/07/14 04:03:44
Just arrived home from a week in Kentucky. Trip was too short.
Day 1 - arrived on a 12 hour red eye so we spent the day catching up on our sleep. For dinner we went to Rocky's Italian Grill on Riverside Drive. The fried cheese triangles appetizer was good. I had the eggplant parmesan that was way too greasy and too little eggplant, too much breading. Salad was blah. Didn't eat the accompanying ziti as marinara sauce was too salty. My husband said his veal parmesan was ok as was my daughter's creamy alfredo. My son's mac cheese looked exactly like Kraft out of the box. Our friends ordered pork chops which looked good, and grilled chicken salad which didn't meet her expectations. Enjoyed funnel cake and fresh squeezed lemonade at the Louisville Bats game at Slugger Field. Beautiful venue. Wish I had a hot dog there instead of the eggplant. After the game our friends stopped at White Castle as I told them I had never had them before. Bought a box of 30 for $15. I think I like Kystal burgers better. My daughter ended up with a tummy ache--shouldn't have had that second burger (or did she have 3?)

Day 2 - Drove out to Kentucky Horse Park. Highly recommended even if you aren't into horses. It is a wonderful tribute to horses and will make you appreciate this beautiful animal. Drove out to Billy's Hickory Pit BBQ. It was ok but was hoping for better. Had the cheesecake and peach cobbler which were both good. Drove down to Springfield and checked in at Maple Hill Manor, voted best B&B in KY, best breakfast in southeast US, and best in US for historical charm. There was lemon cake, apple pie, and cherry pie waiting for us, all excellent, good crust on the homemade pies.

Day 3 - Breakfast was hash brown casserole (potatoes in cream cheese sauce), egg baked in croissant, sausage, and Belgian waffle with fresh berries. The meal was very filling and a little on the heavy side, but very tasty. Met my husband's parents and walked around Perryville Battlefield state park, then drove into Bardstown. Lunch was at Kurtz across My Old Kentucky Home state park. We were still full from breakfast but in-laws wanted lunch. My husband had the hot brown. It was made with a slice of bread, turkey, cheese sauce, topped with bacon. Wasn't very exciting but had to try it at least once. Unfortunately they didn't serve their specialty chicken and ham at lunch. Later we walked around My Old Kentucky Home, then into town. We stumbled upon Hurst corner drugstore that still has the old fashioned ice cream soda fountain. Had a great brown cow there. They use ice cream made in Kentucky. Back at the B&B there were brownies were waiting for us. To die for, absolutely the best I've ever had...ever. Chewy, moist, chocolately yet not too sweet. No dinner.

Day 4 - Another great breakfast. Crispy hash browns, extra crispy bacon, fruit cup of fresh berries with some canned pineapple. Toast with slice of turkey or ham, fried or poached egg, covered with roumaloude sauce. Pancakes were the best I've ever had. I can't describe it except that it was crispy on the edges, yet fluffy and light, and tasty all in one. It was a lot of food, and a little on the heavy side but still very good and I couldn't finish all of it (again). Checked out (not before grabbing more brownies), and drove to Harrodsburg. Had lunch at Beaumont Inn. Being Sunday, they only served buffet. Their chicken was like good home fried chicken. Nothing really stood out except for their corn pudding. It was like soft custard with kernals of corn. Their bread pudding was also good but a little too sweet for my taste.

Day 5,6&7 - Shaker Village for conference. The food there was decent. The only dish that really stood out was their cauliflower casserole. Even my husband who doesn't like cauliflower thought it was the best food dish he had on this trip. It really is good. Their cream of chicken soup was good too. They also have a tomato bisque soup which was a little too sweet for us. Breakfast is daily
buffet of cereals, bacon, pork sausage, scrambled eggs, biscuits and gravy, grits, and stewed fruits. Lunches were served in the meeting rooms and consisted of fresh salads or sub sandwiches with cole slaw, cornbread, and cookies. Although these lunches don't sound too exciting, they were very good, made with fresh ingredients. Had roast beef roll one night that was very good. Thinly sliced beef so soft you didn't need a knife, rolled up and covered in a thin sauce. Didn't care of the herb baked chicken which was breast meat and dry. Their specialy is the lemon slice pie. It is thinly sliced lemons (skin and all) soaked in sugar then baked in a double crust pie. Too sweet and too much lemon skin. Sort of like orange marmalade except made with lemon skins. Their blackberry cobbler was good. One night we took the Dixie Belle riverboat ride down the Kentucky River. We had beautiful weather and it was a nice ride. Food on the boat was BBQ burgers and beef burgers. Nothing too exciting but it wasn't bad at all. All in all, the food at Shaker was decent. The cauliflower casserole was the only thing that I would consider outstanding. It was our favorite dish the entire trip.

Day 8 - Ate our last meal at Cracker Barrel. I know some people do not consider it dining, but we enjoyed our meal there just as well. My daughter and I shared the sirloin steak with 4 biscuits which were made into 4 tiny sandwiches. The biscuits are light and the steak meat was soft; their mac and cheese which did NOT look like it came out of a Kraft box. My husband enjoyed his meatloaf tremendously (as I rarely cook that). We shared a blackberry cobbler and chocolate cobbler--both were very good.

Stopped at Sonics for our slushies! We missed the Parkette Drive-in as weather got bad the last 2 days. Also missed the whiskey museum, Speed Art museum and the antique mall as our time in KY was too short. It will give us something to do on our next trip.

I discovered Mike-Sells potato chips along the way and got the Original and the Old Fashioned. Both were good. I also found a bag of Charles Chips at Cracker Barrel. They still sell the Charles Chips in cans there but I just got the bag since I couldn't take the can on the plane with me. I carried the bag of Charles Chips in my White Castle 30-pack cardboard case all the way home. It is sitting in my kitchen right now. I will open it sometime soon. I am looking forward to trying it.

Thanks to all for the recommendations. Also, thanks to Al-The-Mayor for inviting us to BBQ with him in Owensborough. Unfortunately I didn't check my email soon enough.

Eating out every meal for a whole week is fun, but glad to be home. Now that our road food fest is over, we are back to eating simple home cooking. Dinner tonight wasn't fancy but so comforting.
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RE: Kentucky roadfood trip report 2006/07/14 11:10:25
Thank you for the nice report! This is especially timely for me, since I will be driving to The Bluegrass State this weekend. I already have reservations to eat at The Beaumont Inn in Harrodsburg for lunch on Saturday. Hopefully, it will be possible to order off the menu, rather than a buffet. I will definitely try the corn pudding.
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RE: Kentucky roadfood trip report 2006/07/14 11:15:37
Thanks for the report. Lots of good info.
mayor al
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RE: Kentucky roadfood trip report 2006/07/14 11:18:40

Thanks for posting that great report. We are sorry too that we didn't get to meet-up for dinner. The BBQ and Oysters were a great combination! I had hoped you would have a good experience at Rocky's, we have had 2 out of 3 visits be pretty good.
We will look forward to your next visit, when we can Meet-and-Greet!
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RE: Kentucky roadfood trip report 2006/07/14 12:17:17
Good report. Hope you do the same next time you go to Kentucky.
RE: Kentucky roadfood trip report 2006/07/14 14:56:51
I forgot to mention that everywhere we went in Kentucky, we found the people so friendly. This included the ladies working at Holiday Inn, the young man at the check-out at Krogers, the waitresses at Shakertown and just about everywhere else. It helped to make our trip enjoyable.