Black pepper and cream

Bob in Cary
2006/07/14 06:01:50
I went to Locopops in Durham yesterday afternoon. The black pepper and cream pop was great, The crushed black pepper had a peppery bite that took my voice by the half way point but the creamy smoothness of the vanilla ice cream quickly restored it. I also had a blueberry lavender pop. I thought the blueberries overpowered the lavender.
Filet Mignon
RE: Black pepper and cream 2006/07/14 20:35:12
Sounds good. In Santa Fe there's a litte gourment ice cream company that makes garam masala ice cream after the Indian spice mixture, also basil ice cream and black pepper ice cream. They are mixed i a vanilla base and are also delicious.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Black pepper and cream 2006/07/14 22:26:11
I love trying new flavors. Haagen-Dasz has that new Mayan chocolate/cinnamon one, I'm waiting for my Kroger to get it. Since I have an ice cream maker, my next one will be a strawberry/rhubarb/cinnamon ice cream. I'm trying to find a recipe that uses cloves, since I'm crazy about them. Anybody have one?
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Black pepper and cream 2006/07/15 16:24:22
We did a run to the Durham Costco today, and stopped by Locopops both on the way there and on the way home. So many flavors to try.

The pepper and cream was, um, interesting -- not bad, but maybe some of the other flavors scored higher. Chocolate mint and raspberry cream were good, as was the latte; strawberry and cream has high marks from previous tries.

The icy pops are very good. The mango-chile is nice. One I'd never tried before and really liked is lime-basil.

And Locopops is right between the Regulator, a great independent book shop, and Wimpy's, a super independent hamburger joint. The bad news being that Wimpy's is closed on Saturday.
Bob in Cary
RE: Black pepper and cream 2006/07/15 18:24:37
I love big chunks of black pepper corns so I loved the pop. The chocolate chili is another good cream based pop that begins to smoke your mouth as you eat it.

I had to miss Wimpy's on Thursday because I didn't get away from the Duke eye clinic until after 4.