What Bread With Morning Eggs?

Stephen Rushmore Jr.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
2003/07/01 17:08:25
What Bread With Morning Eggs?
  • White/Rye Toast (40%)
  • Biscuit (23%)
  • Bagel (9%)
  • English Muffin (24%)
  • Tortilla (4%)
Total Votes = 920
RE: What Bread With Morning Eggs? 2003/07/01 18:51:30
You didn't give us the option for Wheat Bread. We don't even keep White Bread around any more unless it is a Hot Dog or Hamburger Bun.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: What Bread With Morning Eggs? 2003/07/01 20:51:51
I just can't believe all y'all Southerners out there would rather have toast or an English muffin than a hot homemade biscuit slathered with jam or honey!
RE: What Bread With Morning Eggs? 2003/07/02 00:29:40
Yes, those who enjoy whole wheat toast with eggs had nowhere to vote, and also, should rye and white toast have been grouped together? Their taste and texture differ from each other, making them two distinct kinds of toast.

Ocdreamer - a hot homemade Southern biscuit, whether plain, or slathered with jam or honey is definitely a better tasting piece of bread matter than all the others listed. I, however, voted against it, opting instead for the English muffin. That's because I feel that an English muffin, or even white, rye, or whole wheat toast, all go better with morning eggs than a biscuit does. Had the question been which bread with fried chicken, the biscuit would have been a clear winner, but I am guessing folks felt that toast and English muffins are better vehicles for trapping butter, and that they also prefer the crunch of these as opposed to the relative silence of the biscuit. If they had asked which bread for a country ham and egg sandwich, I am sure the biscuit would have again prevailed.