Off-I-70 food (Eastern CO. to Columbia, MO)

Junior Burger
2003/07/01 17:50:13
In August, I'll be driving East from Denver to Columbia, Missouri (the midway point b/w KC and St. Louis) for about the third time now. So, at this point, I would rather gnaw off my own arm than eat at another Applebee's. (Well, maybe not.) Since it's pretty much a straight shot on I-70 to Columbia, and I'm pressed for time, I can't digress too far. (Probably stopping in Hayes or Colby, KS, overnight, if anyone knows good eats nearby.)

Can anyone suggest places off the well-beaten I-70 path? Many thanks in advance--
Filet Mignon
RE: Off-I-70 food (Eastern CO. to Columbia, MO) 2003/07/02 09:42:53
If you can make the first day a "long one", I'd get an early start and make it over to Abilene, KS. Spend the night in one of the B&B's there and eat at the Brookville for a wonderful fried chicken dinner. (Reservations recommended for both the Brookville and a B&B).

Have a relaxed, home-cooked breakfast at the B&B the next morning. For lunch, when you get to Kansas City, get off of I-70 at the Brooklyn exit (not far after you pass downtown; the MO side). Take a left on Brooklyn to eat at Gates, or take a right and eat at Arthur Bryant's.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: Off-I-70 food (Eastern CO. to Columbia, MO) 2003/07/02 11:49:33
Or perhaps adding a day to your trip..having Cozy Inn burgers in Salina for an early lunch [9th St exit off of 70 south about a mile to Iron..make a left..then a left up 7th st],then a visit to the Eisenhower Center in Abilene,which is one of the better Presidential Libraries/museums [Presidential AND WWII stuff..lots of it...].and then as Bushie suggested...Also if you find yourself on the way back,you find yourself past Salina at dinner time...give the Bunker Hill Cafe a call ahead [785-483-6544] and see if they are open..its in the middle of town..NOT the truck stop on the highway!
mayor al
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RE: Off-I-70 food (Eastern CO. to Columbia, MO) 2003/07/02 12:35:34
Wilson,KS at the 206 milepost on I-70 brags about being the Czech Capital of Kansas...There is a small grocery-meat store in this tiny little community. It stocks lots of homeade sausage and cheese. Worth a stop for 'old-country' snacks.
I second Bushie's note about Arthur Bryant's in K C , It is just a minute or so off the freeway and well worth the stop especially if you've never been there before....go hungry and leave stuffed with a to-go pkg with you.
RE: Off-I-70 food (Eastern CO. to Columbia, MO) 2003/07/02 14:22:14 If you like beer, or food, or better yet, both this is a must stop. Take the 2nd lawrence exit and taste award winning brews+ great food. In downtown KC the Southwest Boulevard Cafe district is a short hop south on the freeway loop. Take southwest trafficway and exit 1st exit. you'll be right in the middle of it.Tapas, mexican, etc. All great and innovative. If you don't feel like Q, take the Noland Rd. exit and head to Stephenson's, a KC tradition. Great chicken, green rice, pasteries, fresh apple butter. All around good.
RE: Off-I-70 food (Eastern CO. to Columbia, MO) 2003/07/02 15:14:57
I'll second Stephenson's--the apple fritters are nothing short of orgasmic. Come hungry--you won't be sorry.
Junior Burger
RE: Off-I-70 food (Eastern CO. to Columbia, MO) 2003/07/03 13:56:33
Thanks for all your responses--I'm hungry already. Can't wait to try these places!
Howard Baratz
RE: Off-I-70 food (Eastern CO. to Columbia, MO) 2003/07/10 15:53:41
Try Al's Chickenette in Hays, Ks (about a mile south of I-70) for a great fried chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy experience. Really good chicken fried steak, too.
Junior Burger
RE: Off-I-70 food (Eastern CO. to Columbia, MO) 2003/07/12 13:18:05
Sounds like you just need spots along the way - but I have to suggest a couple places in Columbia. For great BBQ, check out Buckingham's at Providence and Business Loop. Also, Booches downtown on 9th for one of America's great cheeseburgers. Shakespeare's for pizza also on 9th. If you like a good, flavorful beer, try Flat Branch Brewpub - great shepard's pie, buffalo meatloaf, artichoke dip, spinach dip and great pizzas. Finally, if you want to spend a little and have a very nice meal in a casual setting, try Trattoria Strada Nova on 9th - they have wonderful fish dishes - and the Bistro at Les Bourgeouis out in Rocheport - great setting, great duck.