Taco place near DC

Fire Safety Admin
2003/07/02 05:09:20
I just spent 2 weeks in PG county for work and found a great Mexican joint on Kennilworth Ave., inside the beltway. It is called Tacos tres Reyes #2. It is West? towards DC, of 450 maybe 2 miles.

I first noticed a lot of Hispanics, mexicans, standing around the businesses right there and when I went up to the place all the faces inside were brown. The menu that I could see from outside looking in was in spanish, large type, and in english in small type. The place was definetely not a chain looking place.

The tacos pictured on the menu looked just like the ones we used to get in Fresno from the authentic taco stands. 2 corn tortillias about 6" in diameter with meat, cilantro, cabbage, some cheese and onion. With a wedge of lemon on the side.

After 42 years of living in the central valley of Calif I picked up some spanish. Especially enough to order food in it. So I went in amid some strange looks, bellied up to the counter and order 3 tacos. 2 Al Pastor and 1 lingua. (2 with pork meat and 1 with tounge meat) in spanish and asked for a diet coke. Cost was about 7 bucks.

When the waitress brought my order she also brought 4 different salsas. I asked her which was the hot one, in spanish. She replied, in english that I spoke pretty good spanish. I think she liked me.
Anyways, she showed me and stupid me didn't pay attention, just put some on my first taco. Ouch, it was made with sliced habanero chilies. Double ouch!

After that I stuck to the milder stuff. When I got back to work I told another displaced Fresnan about the place and wound up taking her there a few days later. Found out that she speaks almost fluent mexican. Anyways, she loved the place too.

I took my oldest daughter some tacos home when I left the area and she thought they were great too. We live in WVa, about 100 miles from there. We think we may have to come up with some excuse to go there once in awhile.

Junior Burger
Re: Taco place near DC 2014/11/14 13:01:42
Just throwing this out there because I love this place  El Eden 1201 Dual Hwy Hagerstown MD Been a couple of times now. Not fancy and not frequented by many anglos but boy is it good. Tacos, papusas, two kinds of tamales, fish soup and the list goes on. Very inexpensive and super tasty. My wife and I got 3 tacos (two chorizo, one lengua), 2 papusas and a salvadorian tamale dinner with all the sides and I think is was maybe $15 total! If you are ever in that neck of the woods, ya gotta go.
Re: Taco place near DC 2014/11/15 09:22:06
That's an interesting, intense, very diverse neighborhood that I have driven through many times. 
Much to his credit the owner of Ray's Hellburger & Ray's the Steaks tried a higher end dining establishment there and, sadly, it failed.  Quickly. 
That area is also under-served by bookstores.