Rosies Den

2003/07/03 14:07:45
Has anyone had the pleasure of eating the giant dark pancakes at Rosies Den, on Highway 93 just not too far from Las Vegas? I have never seen a frisbee-sized pancake like these. I have developed the habit of carrying my own maple syrup in a cooler when I travel.
Fire Safety Admin
RE: Rosies Den 2003/07/03 15:44:12
I have not had them there, but in Amana, Iowa, I was at a German restaurant which I believe was in East Amana that served huge thing pancakes and they were excellent.

As a matter of fact, the entire breakfast definately ranks in my top ten of all time. You set at indicidual tables and they bring you plates of fruit, potatoes, breakfast meats, pancakes, eggs, bread and lastly a wheelchair to get you out.

Paul E. Smith