Original Ice Cream Creations

Junior Burger
2006/07/27 00:31:06

I am looking to add new items to my menu and trying to research new menu items aside from the usual sundaes, banana splits, flurries and parfaits. Any ideas!
Filet Mignon
RE: Original Ice Cream Creations 2006/07/27 01:16:43
How about cream puffs with ice cream filling instead of pudding or whipped cream? You could top with a chocolate sauce (or hot fudge).

Some years ago on a trip, I came across a place that offered a very large menu of flurries (blizzards, etc.) with out-of-the-ordinary mix-ins that were fantastic:
> apple pie or apple cobbler (including some crust)
> pecan pie (including some crust)
> crushed pineapple with flake coconut
> cherry with chocolate to make a "Black Forest"
There were lots more combinations, but I can't remember them. If I remember correctly they even offered some small prize for anyone who could come up with a new flavor combination that became popular.
Filet Mignon
RE: Original Ice Cream Creations 2006/07/27 13:35:32
It is munufactured, and possibly patented, but the new ice cream hotdog looks to be fun and popular. It is really a sundae that you can hold in your hand.
RE: Original Ice Cream Creations 2006/07/27 15:00:30
When I was a child I used to always order a cherry phosphate, not even sure what that is but I certainly loved them.

Flavored Sodas - lemon, cherry, chocolate, vanilla, ice cream sodas, root beer floats, and of course the Malt!! I also used the love the Black & White, similar to a banana split but with chocolate & vanilla
ice cream, marshmallow topping and chocolate syrup.

We were vacationing somewhere and the ice cream shop had ice cream in little plastic sand pails with the shovel attached. Every single kid in the place had one and they were selling for about 8-10 buck$.

What about offering pie? I can never resist cherry pie ala mode.
RE: Original Ice Cream Creations 2006/09/13 13:58:58
We used to love "Gorilla Juice," which was a banana milkshake that my dad (a restaurant owner and worker for over 40 years) used to make for us with whatever icecream was at hand. I can envision a promotion of some sort with a large stuffed gorilla, and a bunch of fake bananas.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Original Ice Cream Creations 2006/09/13 14:13:03
A fantastic "sundae" for grown ups courtesy Julia Child from YEARS ago, I still love this and even had it last night:

1 or 2 scoops fine vanilla ice cream in a goblet,
1 jigger brandy, whisky or cognac poured on top,
1-2 tsp best instant coffee sprinkled on top.

This is a great ice cream treat.
RE: Original Ice Cream Creations 2006/09/23 11:55:43
How about homemade ice cream sandwiches? You could use different types of cookies on a rotating schedule. "If it's thurday - it must be ice cream sandwiches with oatmeal raisin cookies."
Homemade cookies, of course. Or at least a local baker. They'd needed to be fairly large and flat.

Junior Burger
RE: Original Ice Cream Creations 2006/12/19 03:02:35
A common breakfast item in Sicily consists of a split brioche filled with gelato or sorbetto. The flavors vary from raspberry, lemon, almond or coffee as well as others. A great way to beat the summer heat!!!!!