Maryland Pit Beef

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The Travelin Man
Filet Mignon
RE: Maryland Pit Beef 2008/06/30 22:53:51
I just happened on tonight's episode of DD&D (not a regular viewer), and caught the whole segment on Chap's. It sure did make me want a tasty pit beef sandwich.

One thing that I found humorous (if I understood correctly) is that the woman's father gave her the plot of land to open the beef stand "out in front of" HIS (ahem) "nightclub?" So, does this mean that the family actually does own the strip club and the restaurant? If that's the case, they really should offer a sandwich/lap dance combo.

BTW, wanderingjew and I ran into Guy filming segments of DD&D while we were in Omaha. He was at the College World Series one of the nights. Just when I decided that I wanted to get a photo with him, he up and moved and I missed him. Oh well.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Maryland Pit Beef 2008/06/30 23:08:12
TTM, 20 or so years ago when the owner's were set up in business in front of Dad's night club CHAPS, it was a dance/meet market kind of place. I think it first opened when polyester shirts were in style. It was a little later that it became the Gold Club, or Gentlemen's Gold Club.
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Maryland Pit Beef 2008/07/01 18:16:38
Chaps and the Gold Club. How many bad roast beef jokes have been made over the years about that combo?
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: Maryland Pit Beef 2008/07/01 23:03:16
Getting back to my post on cooking regulations in Ohio. I questioned the manager of a local diner and was toldthat they coud no longer serve any meats that are cooked less then med. I argued with her and she INFORMED me that I could call the local HD if I didnt believe.
Well as I live and breate the health dept backed her up and I was shocked.
The regs now state that all meats had to be cooked to 140 degrees unless you have the disclousure on your menu!..."my be hazardous to the elderly and children or those with...." If an inspector sent some one in to check and you ordered an undercooked steak(as requested) it would be a critical(closure) violationm unles the menu had the undercooked meats/shellfish.
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