Junior Burger
2006/07/29 23:20:07

Blended ice cream with mix-in or topping is called a Blizzard by Dairy Queen. What is that ice cream specialty called at other ice cream shops? It is a flurry? a Shiver? a Freeze? a Concrete? A Blast? What should I call it????
Junior Burger
RE: Blizzards! 2006/07/30 00:52:04
I don't believe there's any set name for ice cream blended with a topping. The names vary from place to place. I guess the basic name would be a 'Parfait'. If you're asking because you have your own shop and need a name for that speciality, try something creative. If you're just curious to know, again, it depends where you are.
Filet Mignon
RE: Blizzards! 2006/07/30 01:11:15
Maybe you could call it a Jumble, a Tornado, a Hodgepodge, a Scramble, a Chaos, a Pandemonium or a Creamy Confusion.
Junior Burger
RE: Blizzards! 2006/07/30 17:38:42

Yes, I have an ice cream shop and I think I am going for a "Shiver" as the name. By the way, a Parfait is actually a french dessert consists of multiple of layers of ice cream with fruit topping or nuts served in a special parfait cup.