Tiebel's update

Fred Ferris
2006/07/31 12:24:03
Ok..that review and photos of Tiebel's last week left my mouth watering...so we HAD to get down there immediately...and that's exactly what we did on Friday....

Perhaps the most unhealthy dinner I've had in years.....but WHAT A WAY TO GO....the perch was just beyond delicious...nice substantial pieces....fantastic texture and flavor that only lake perch has...and, yes, deep fried AND dipped melted butter!

But it doesn't stop there...had the perch/fried chicken combo....and I can definitely say this was the best fried chicken I've ever eaten...nice light but very flavorful coating (kind of an interesting red color)..and the chicken itself was magnificently plump and juicy...I'm getting light headed just typing this..mmmmm!

Now, the main dining room IS rather like eating in a nursing home (we peeped in and determined we were the youngest people by many decades..and the decor is the bad late 70s style....kind of depressing)...so we opted to eat in the bar with a combination of bikers and their babes, loud used car salesmen and the women who love them, etc. (not a real improvement I know)..but nevertheless, bartender ladies were beyond friendly and treated us extremely well..

Overall, one of the better down and dirty meals we've had in a long time....worth the enormous guilt we feel right now for having ingested a month's worth of saturate fat in one evening!
RE: Tiebel's update 2006/08/01 16:46:39
Originally posted by Fred Ferris

..and the decor is the bad late 70s style....kind of depressing)...

I remember the great perch when I lived in the Region in 1976! What's funny to me is the fact that even in the mid-70's their decor seemed dated and worn. But the food was memorable.