Eatin' In Birmingham, Alabama>???

2006/08/05 01:22:12
Found a wonderful little metro B-ham small town called "Homewood." Can't recall the name, but I tried Greek-BBQ---big mistake!

Gonna head back to the land of the Vulcan statue, and was interested in legit, Birmingham southern BBQ, AND VEGGIES DONE RIGHT.

Double Cheeseburger
RE: Eatin' In Birmingham, Alabama>??? 2006/08/05 02:43:57
Jim 'N Nicks BBQ is the best in Birmingham. They have a location in Homewood but a better one in Trussville. 1660 Gadsden HWY 661-3100 Fri-Sat 10:30-10 Sun-Thurs 10:30-9

Very good veggies, cheese corn muffins and a tangy sauce on the side. You can get hot links, brisket, pork, chicken, angus beef or smoked turkey. I, of course, highly recommend the pulled pork platter with two sides and two muffins. The collards and mac and cheese are wonderful and the beans are spicy with hunks of meat in it.

Though most will say that Dreamland is best, they don't do veggies, only beans, potato salad and slaw, besides, they only do ribs best and then the Tuscaloosa original one is the way to go.

As other choices, Old Plantation BBQ 830 1st Ave N 205 252-0443, the original Golden Rule in Irondale 2506 Crestwood 205 956-2678 and Miss Myra's Pit Bar-B-Q in Cahaba Heights is good 3278 Cahaba Heights Rd 205 967-6004. Miss Myra serves a white sauce so chicken would be a good choice there.
RE: Eatin' In Birmingham, Alabama>??? 2006/08/05 19:02:45
I second the vote for Jim 'n Nicks and Dreamland!! We ate at both on our last trip to Birmingham and loved them both. The stewed okra and cheese corn muffins at Jim 'n Nicks were divine!
RE: Eatin' In Birmingham, Alabama>??? 2006/08/05 22:11:18
BhamBabe and lleechef definitely know their stuff when it comes to B-ham. They steered me in the rigth direction last year when we were in B-ham for a race weekend. All of my family had the best time thanks to these two folks. LISTEN TO THEM!! :)

I vote for Dreamland BBQ, Golden Rule BBQ and the Irondale Cafe.