keebler cookie question

Junior Burger
2006/08/13 22:51:06
When I was a kid, in the early nineties, late eighties, there was this cookie my grandma always had. It was like a little cookie dome, with chocolate fudge on the outside, and cookie crust, and one variety had like a chocolate cookie crust. i'm pretty sure keebler made it. does anyone remember this cookie, what it was called, and why it is no more? man i loved those frickin' things...

RE: keebler cookie question 2006/08/15 00:54:16
OK.. I'll bite...I just hope no ones blowing smoke here!
Double Chili Cheeseburger
RE: keebler cookie question 2006/08/30 13:56:43
I remember the cookies,called Magic Middles.I guess they quit selling them due to a lessing demand for them.Years ago Keebler made tortilla chips ,made from thin flour tortillas that were good.But they stopped making them because of a decreasing demand.
Happens to a lot of products as consumers tates change.
Sonny Funzio
Double Cheeseburger
RE: keebler cookie question 2006/09/15 01:31:51
Nope, magic middles looked like a regular cookie on the outside.
I absolutely know the ones you're talking about.
They looked like this one but had a kind-of star or pinwheel swirl on the top.

They were awesome.
RE: keebler cookie question 2006/09/20 08:10:56
These sound like Pinwheels to me. The stores still carry them, at least where I am, Connecticut. They are made by Nabisco.

There are also the similar Mallomars, with a plain dome, and a graham/vanilla cookie base. Also made by Nabisco.

For some reason, Nabisco only makes Pinwheels and Mallomars in the cooler months
Double Cheeseburger
RE: keebler cookie question 2006/09/20 20:39:20

And also limited distribution on Mallomars - mainly in the Northeast, like the
soup crackers that a few years ago were taken off the market, to a storm of
protests & brought back.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: keebler cookie question 2006/10/20 15:48:27
The reason they're only available in the cooler months is that the chocolate will melt. I had forgotten about these; better put them on my grocery list, now that I'm hungry for them.