route 80 from jersey to sacto

Double Cheeseburger
2003/07/06 06:49:00
i realize this takes in a lot of distance but later tis summer will be going from new jersey to sacramento on route 80- any must stops along the way would be great!!
Filet Mignon
RE: route 80 from jersey to sacto 2003/07/07 09:57:26
Just off I-80 at exit 80 in Illinois, I highly recommend Ron's Cajun Connection on Rte 6 north of Utica, Ill. Housed in an old farmhouse with some outside seating, Ron is real deal cajun, good food and plenty of it served by down home waitstaff and Ron himself.
Double Cheeseburger
RE: route 80 from jersey to sacto 2003/07/08 13:11:37
thanks klandos- I have put it on my list! Now hows about some more responsed gang or do you all want me to starve??
RE: route 80 from jersey to sacto 2003/07/08 13:31:29
Ok, I'll put my two cents in

In Toledo OH- Tony Packos for hungarian style hot dogs and side dishes

In Durant IA- The White Way for Iowa Chops, amazing salad bar and Sour Cream Raisin Pie. I believe they are closed mondays and only serve Iowa Chops in the evening, but if you call in advance you can reserve them for lunch.

In Cheyenne WY. Lexie's Cafe for Breakfast. Great Chili Cheese Omelets. Also check with some locals for a couple of good BBQ places in the area.

In Salt Lake City UT- Johannas Kitchen for Scones with honey butter. Navajo Hogan for great Navajo Tacos and Mutton Stew! Also you might want to check out the local specialty of french fries with fry sauce usually served at the local burger joints!